"Get comfortable  with the  uncomfortable”  

By Wairua

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Over the next decade 2019 – 2029  we will create an arteft in the form of documentarys and research projects that  will explore the powerful, often  invisible drivers of the human spirit  in response to extreme physical demands.

The subject of ‘Wairua’ (human spirit or soul) will be explored in the testing environment of  ultra-endurance  running . 10 of the most challenging and arduous  ultra-marathons  throughout the world have been  selected.  One event will be tackled annually  by  Jamie Milne,  a New Zealand Maori  who has a reputation and track record of  undertaking  unachievable tasks and exposing himself to  extreme  physical adversity.  Jamie  is  willing to  test his physical and mental boundaries, uncover  his  vulnerabilities  and document the  non-tangible,  motivational  drivers of the human  spirit. Each event will focus on delivering relevant content in response to  current gaps in research,  public interest and identified trends in the media.   The word “Wairua” can be broken down “Wai” can mean special or unique and “Rua” can mean to contain. Wairua is a multifaceted kupu (wording) and has a lot of meaning to it, both in the physical and metaphysical sense. Resonating with Jamie as it incapsulates exactly who he is at this point in his life. A multilayered man, proud Māori, connected to his people and to his land.

Funding of this project will enable the steps needed to capture not only the annual challenges but the preparation and personal investment of Jamie and the team members to share with the wider audience. The accompanying research will bring forth additional outcomes and contribute to the knowledge and discussions within the academic and health professional arena.

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Team Members

Jamie Milne