Get Aris home with me!

By Fer

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Who is Aris? ¿Quién es Aris?

Aris is my lovely cat that you might have seen all over my social media profiles, I rescued her from a Chinese market in Guangzhou when she was less than a week old, she had severe pneumonia and was taken away from her mom. After tons of love and hard work from the Vets, she recovered and we moved to Hong Kong years after due to my work. I did all procedure to bring here legally and now we need to move again, only this time we move to Australia.

But there’s a problem

As I'm moving during summer I just found out how incredibly expensive the process is (due in part to Covid-19) and I need to get my baby there with me. Let me show you the common fee from companies:

Export Handling fee HK$5500
Crate fee HK$1100
Rabies tests and Laboratory fees (HK$2500 appprox)
Health Certificate (Don't know yet this price)
Internal and external treatment 1 st (I guess less than 1k)
Internal and external treatment 2 nd (I guess less than 1k)
Government endorsements x 2 HK$700
Import License (AUS$480= 2500hk$)
Airfreight charges HK$5700
Quarantine fees for 10 days in Mel (AUS$1500// Around 7.600hk$)
Tax and logging fees AUS$250 (Around 1200hk$)

Plus other ones...

Total amount is more than 37.000 hk$ = 3.850US$

Also my cat has to stay 180 days after the rabies test so I'm talking with some lovely souls to take care of her while I find a home for both in Sydney!

Please help me out! In exchange I'll give away tons of my marketing books and courses for donors! I'm already selling my technology and writing all I can to pay for this in the next 4 months. All for my fur friend!

Here’s what I'm doing about it

As I work teaching, I'm writing some Marketing and Vocational books as fast I can to sell them online and fund her trip. I believe people with the same vocation as mine (Dancers, Singers/Songwriters...) might need help and I'm happy to give it in exchange.

I'm also trying to develop online Marketing and Vocational Skill courses to thanks all donnors for their support!

Join me on this task!

So far I need a bit of help getting that money because I knew it would be expensive, but apparently Covid-19 made it even more expensive due to medical checks and extra process. Will you help me and Aris?

And here are some amazing perks for supporting Aris that you can’t live without

In exchange all donnors will get all my e-books in your email every time one is finish, you'll receive as well access to the Online Digital Marketing Courses from The Algorithm Agency. Important ''YOU GET ALL THE PERKS BELOW THE AMOUNT YOU DONATE + THE ONE YOU CHOSE!! example, if you donate 500$, you get the 1$, 50$, 100$, 200$, 350$ and 500$ whole courses and E-books! Apart from that you'll receive some pics from Aris, and will get updated on how the process is going and now she even has her own Instagram! @CatQueenAris !!

I believe Marketing can help any career and business out there so my experience will be yours!

Feel free to write to me on Social Media! @FerRiveroMusic

I'll be thrilled to meet you!

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