Genesis needs a Grand Drape!

By Genesis Children's Theatre

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Genesis Children's Theatre trains and empowers individuals with the skills necessary for success on stage and in life. Founded in 2010, Genesis continues to build upon its foundation of excellence. Through intentional programming, GCT students practice and apply the principles of leadership, creativity, communication and cooperation to gain self-confidence. We employ best practices to develop the whole child through facilities that are safe, engaging and conducive to learning, combined with a faculty who are skilled and passionate about children’s theatre. Students who experience the Genesis community build life-long skills, such as: personal development, effective research methods, historical and sociological analysis, along with technical and artistic skills. Because of this intentionality, GCT has expanded its reach and impacted over 400 families. Genesis has been voted “Best Children’s Theatre in Plano” by Plano Magazine for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Over Winter Break we lifted the roof of our Main Stage space and are turning this 80 seat theatre into a 100 seat space as we speak!

But there’s a problem!

We added 5 feet of head room to the theatre, which is AMAZING! However, it means that all our old curtains are now 5 feet short - including the beautiful red and gold velvet Grand Drape curtain we all loved! We need a new Grand Drape!

Here’s what we’re doing about it.

Good News! Mrs. Neicole has found a company in California that will donate the fabric, all we have to do is pay for the labor and shipping! Yay Mrs. Neicole!

Having a beautiful Grand Drape will allow our students to perform in a more professional environment!

You can join us!

The fabric, as we said, has been donated! The labor itself for the Drape will cost $650, while the valance will be around $400. We are guestimating that the shipping will be around $250. All in all that is $1,300.

Help us grow!

Investing in Genesis is investing in our students. Our way of doing theatre is mentor focused- training each child to be successful in life first and on stage second.

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