The amazing race must go on! Overseas Voting Reform for GE15

By Global Bersih

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Global Bersih needs RM 100,000 (CHF 24,000 )  to proceed with its reform work.

Your contribution will be used to:

- project manage the Overseas Voting Project

- secure a full-time staff in Malaysia as liaison and representative of  Global Bersih for effective and lobbying efforts with lawmakers,    institutions and other NGOs

- collect feedback from the Malaysian diaspora, research and develop an  effective reform proposal

-  help us ensure continuity in the reform process

-  run advocacy and outreach programmes

-  finance administration, travel, IT and other miscellaneous expenses

You can donate online using Paypal or all major credit cards.

Donations via Bank Transfer:

Account Name: Global Bersih

Main account: CHF Swiss account – 0251-1527723-81
IBAN: CH13 0483 5152 7723 8100 0

Bank Address: Credit Suisse SA Rue de Lausanne 11-19, 1211 Geneve 70
Tel: +41 31 358 64 90

As Global Bersih is registered in Switzerland, all donations will be converted into Swiss francs. Check the estimated conversion here

Please be informed that all Global Bersih Steering Committee members are volunteers.

Photo Credit: Bersih UK

“Only when elections are clean and fair, can citizens be real masters of their own destiny.”

-Bersih 2.0

Post GE14, Global Bersih ran a survey to collate feedback from the Malaysian diaspora and the results showed that more than 40% of our participants faced difficulties in the overseas registration and voting process during GE14. Our overseas voting system is faulty, and there is a need for a change.

Photo credit: Astro Gempak

During the 14th General Elections, overseas Malaysians were pushed to take drastic actions to get their ballots back on time. Global Bersih was amazed at the determination of many overseas Malaysian who persevered to make their vote count.

The change of government is not the end of the journey, in fact, it is just the beginning of the reform.

The GE14 Amazing Race was only a short leg of a long marathon that we need to complete to see through the change that we want. That long marathon of reform need resources, and we need YOU!

Photo Credit: Twitter

"Voting is not only our right, it is our power"

Loung Ung, author of the memoir "First They Killed My Father"

What we are currently involved in

For more than 5 years, Global Bersih has been campaigning for reforms on the overseas voting process.

In December 2019, for the first time, the Election Reform Committee and the Election Commission is engaging with Global Bersih to come up with a mutually satisfactory GE15 overseas voting process.

Therefore, Global Bersih is appealing for your generous contribution to research and implement an effective proposal and to ensure that there is continuity in the reform process.

Global Bersih

Who we are

Global Bersih is the international network and international advocacy arm of Bersih 2.0 and is registered in Geneva as a non-profit association.

Our primary purpose is to support Malaysian civil society in its efforts to strengthen Malaysia’s emergent democracy using peaceful and legal means of action. 

We amplify the voices and stories of ordinary Malaysians and Malaysian civil society, and enrich discussions of Malaysian issues, both in Malaysia and abroad, with the perspectives and experiences of a global community.

Photo credit -  Bersih France

Why Geneva?

Geneva was chosen because of the presence of the UN European HQ and more specifically, the Officer of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The city is also recognized as the international centre of human rights as it encourages and supports the presence of NGOs. Geneva plays host to all major human rights organizations and international conferences, and it makes strategic sense for Global Bersih to implement its international advocacy work on behalf of Bersih 2.0 from this base.

Global Bersih President, Mr. Bala Chelliah (second from right) with Kofi Annan Foundation representative, co-organisers of Electoral Reform Roundtable 2018 in the Malaysian Parliament and panel speaker from United Nations. 

Aims & Objectives

An effective and comprehensive fulfilment of Malaysians' right to a free and fair election that includes ensuring transparency of electoral roll, reform of electoral process and procedures, strengthening of public institutions, eradication of corruption and culture of impunity, and enhancing participation of international observers and media to monitor the polls.

An independent and effective Election Commission of Malaysia, in particular, the monitoring of electoral discrepancies.

The advancement of human rights, rule of law and democracy in Malaysia

Photo Credit: Bersih San Francisco

What We Do

We provide a global platform for the voices and stories of Malaysians and civil society to connect and network with international community, in particular international human rights bodies, diplomatic missions, foreign media and civil society.

We enrich local and international exchanges of Malaysian issues, both in Malaysia and abroad to contribute to national efforts related to electoral reform.

We galvanize support and encourage commitment from overseas Malaysian towards creating a stronger international momentum for electoral and democratic reform in Malaysia.

We implement training and capacity building to encourage overseas Malaysians to participate in civil society and the electoral process.

We promote peaceful and constructive dialogue.

May 2018 - Bersih Auckland sorting the ballots papers to be flown back to Malaysia by runners.

Global Bersih’s work ensures your vote counts and your collective presence acts to protect the rights of all Malaysians.

To read our annual reports, please visit

To find out more about our recent activities, visit or our Facebook page,

If you are unable to donate money, you're welcome to email
to donate your time and expertise. 

For more info on the campaign, please go to our FAQ

Contact information
Global Bersih
10 Rue Dr.Alfred Vincent,
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Facebook: Global Bersih

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