Against the Tide

By Gaea

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Against the tide with heart, and art on the dock is a party fundraiser supporting:


A little bit of context

The bushfire crisis Australia has seen in the past months has impacted on Australia's wildlife, flora, fauna and ecosystems with it being estimated that more than a billion animals have died around the country with about 10 million + hectares of land being burnt.

But there’s a problem

Although communities will slowly rebuild lost buildings and houses the country has lost whole ecosystems. In a few years some will have recovered, while others need decades, even more than a century to come back. 

This loss means we need to not only protect and help rebuild what has been lost but, we as a nation must start planning for the future and implimenting preventative methods. 

Here’s what we’re doing about it

This is why we have decided to hold a fundraiser and donate

50% of funds raised to Wildlife Victoria to support in the care and rebuilding of Victorian wildlife lost in the fires and

50% of funds raised to Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation which aims to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning through facilitating learning pathways to fire and land management. 

A thank-you letter writing space will provide the opportunity for guests to write thank-you letters to volunteer fire fighters which will be dispersed to fire stations around the state. 

This fundraiser is the start of Gaea, a positive outcome to a crisis which has brought together a group of concerned citizens wanting to benefit the future of the world through re-generation, land care and bringing people together.

You can join us on 31st Jan 2020

At 'Against the Tide' for a fundraiser party with heart, and art on the dock. 

This will be a night of entertainment, fellowship and joy for a good cause.

Live music - stand up comedy - burlesque - art auction -  roots-funk - electronic djs-

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Team Members


Alexander Nguyen

Chi-uh Neylon

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Tom Leonard