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FSE in a nutshell!

Full Stack Embedded is a small group of German engineers and scientists. We were inspired by our team member Frédéric, who grew up in Togo, studied engineering in Germany and always wanted to share his knowledge with other aspiring engineers in Togo. We recently founded the non-profit organisation FSE to support African students in building their dreams. To this purpose, the FSE group organises monthly programming tutorials via internet. We also conduct hands-on workshops at universities in the West African countries of Ghana and Togo every year. Your donation will help us buy workshop material, support our travel expenses, and extend our efforts to other countries in Africa. 

Embedded technology changes everything.

The invention of small, low-cost, reprogrammable systems has made it possible to program virtually any machine. Chances are, there is embedded technology in your water pump, coffee machine, garage door and refrigerator, to name just a few.

The low cost and power consumption of these devices is fuelling the rise of the Internet of Things in prosperous economies. At Full Stack Embedded, we believe this technology revolution should be for everyone, everywhere in the world.

West Africa can build its future

The average income in West Africa is about €4.23 per day, about 13 times less than what people earn in Europe. For this reason, computers have been out of reach for many people and organizations. Embedded technology is changing that.

Whereas ten years ago, an average computer easily cost a thousand Euros, today it is possible to buy a Raspberry Pi for under five Euros. This small system can be used as a desktop computer or for robotics applications, controlling wells, monitoring factory machines, or whatever else inventors can dream of.

And speaking of dreams, West Africa is full of them. The people there are incredibly inventive and innovative. Some of the greatest ideas of the future might come from them! But this is only possible if they have the resources they need to make it happen.

Enter Full Stack Embedded

We spread knowledge in the developing world by building full-stack, open source projects that demonstrate a deep stack of hardware and software technologies. These projects are introduced in workshops to aspiring developers in developing countries. Between workshops, we help our students prepare by publishing tutorials and homework and by encouraging them to work together and exchange ideas. 

We have a proven track record of working together with West African universities. Our workshops have allowed excellent students in Ghana and Togo to apply robotics knowledge, hone their skills, and learn how to teach future generations of inventors.

Full stack projects help students learn the full range of technologies for implementing hardware projects, from sensor and actuator drivers to scheduling routines, web servers and clients. We use embedded systems because they are robust, have low power needs and have reached a price point that is feasible even in regions with extreme budget constraints.

Support us!

Full Stack Embedded is a passion project that we run and fund ourselves, in our free time. We've been working on it for years and have reached a point where our students have asked us to extend our activities to new groups and pursue more ambitious workshop projects. It'd be great to be able to do this - and that's where you come in.

By contributing to Full Stack Embedded, you will help us to

  • develop robotics projects proposed by our students,
  • support our students in setting up their own teaching programs at new schools,
  • acquire materials needed to build next year's projects, and
  • support the team with travel expenses.

Our accomplishments thus far

Thus far we have developed three open source robotics applications, performed four workshops in two West African countries, assisted our students during the year on our forum, and published twelve tutorials so that the students were prepared for the end-of-year workshop challenges. We've also established a core group of African participants who are ready to establish new Full Stack Embedded programs in their home countries of Burkina Faso and Congo.

With your help, we hope to extend and improve this legacy into the future!

Thank you for your support!!! 

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Team Members

Carmen Koehler

Daniel Lee

Frederic Afadjigla