Standing up to Adani

By Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

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People of faith at the frontlines

Many people of faith care enough about stopping the Adani coal mine that we are willing to go to the frontlines in Central Queensland to stand in the way of the machines. The sends a very strong moral message.

Adani is going to start right away

The last thing the world needs right now is a dirty big new coal mine. Adani’s Carmichael coal and rail project is even worse, because it will pave the way for eight other mines in the Galilee Basin.

ARRCC wants to show that people in religious and spiritual communities do care about this. We’ve tried everything else, including talking to Adani’s CEO and his team.

Standing in the way

It’s time to stand in the way – with our bodies. Sometimes an evil needs the public drama of symbolic, peaceful civil disobedience. And religious people have a long history of being at the forefront of such struggles – and won in the end.

ARRCC has several dozen supporters who are willing to peacefully stand in the way in the coming months, on the frontlines in Central Queensland. Some of us can pay our own way, including potential fines. Others can only get there with financial help.

Together with the rest of the climate movement, we will win this fight with Adani and this will save enormous damage being done to our beautiful common home, the Earth.

Help someone else go to the frontlines

If you can’t make it yourself, will you help someone else get there?
If you can, please help us create a frontlines support fund to make this work more possible.

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