Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem: An ELC for Frog Hollow

By Purnululu Aboriginal Corporation

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Welcome to Frog Hollow

We are the community of Wurreranginy, commonly known as Frog Hollow, in the beautiful Kimberley region of northern WA.

Our community runs the Purnululu Aboriginal Independent Community School, teaching students in both the local Gija language and English. Through combined efforts by our Gija Elders, families and school teachers, our school has grown from 9 students to 50 in just three years!

We provide quality education from years K-10 and are committed to valuing traditional language and culture whilst equipping our students with the skills to excel in both Aboriginal and western society.

We're running out of room!

Purnululu School has hosted a community-initiated program for our children aged 0-3 for the past three years, but due to the exciting growth of school enrolments, there is no longer space to host the Early Learning Centre.

Currently, our preschool aged children do most of their learning outdoors in shaded spaces or in the open-air communal area of the school, which isn't ideal in the tropical conditions we live in, especially in the Wet Season when temperatures climb to 40+ every day.

So here's the plan.

We need to build a space specifically for our children aged 0-3 so that every child in the community has access to education from an early age. The space will be called "Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem" which means "The Children Come to Learn."

Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem is a community initiative, supported by the school. The Department of Education only fund the school for children aged 4+. Frog Hollow community has not received any Government support for housing for over 10 years and there is no funding available for capital works of this nature through education or community funding.

So we are raising money to build the centre ourselves!

This is where you come in.

Although we have a lot of support from our community, builders and partners, the Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem project will cost $320,000 to complete. While the school community is contributing a large portion of this total, we need your help to get this project across the line.

Here's where your money will go:

- with the first $80,000, we will have enough money to fund the external construction of the Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem building

- the next $240,000 will go towards installation of plumbing and electricity, the fitout and construction of the outside play area

- after the build, any funds remaining will go towards running the Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem program including funding local Indigenous educator salaries, books and learning resources.

If we don't meet our target, all donations will be banked for the project while other funding is sourced to complete the build.

Give a little, get a lot

We'd like to say thank you for your amazing support with some great perks:

$20 - We'll send you a badge with the Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem logo designed by our school community, as well as a thank you note from the students

$50 - Receive a copy of the documentary we made about our school and the incredible journey of our strong Gija Elders (limited to the first 50)

$100 - You'll get a one-of-a-kind traditional artwork painted in ochre by our students (limited to the first 50)

$250 - Your name will be engraved onto a plaque outside the Wanyanyagem Lirrgarngirrem building as a permanent thank you for your support

$5000 - For our largest donation over $5000, we are offering a once in a lifetime trip to visit our amazing community and country. Led by our community leaders, you'll tour the amazing Purnululu NP (Bungle Bungles) and visit places that are off-limits to tourists. Visit our school, talk to our community and be immersed in our country. *Conditions apply.

The Frog Hollow School is thriving. This project will help give our youngest students the best start in life and ensure the school can keep teaching our children the skills they need to walk in two worlds.

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