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A little bit of context

Jamaica are launching their 2020 domestic competitions. Having qualified for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, Jamaica still struggles with basic resources to allow youth and adults to play sport. This donation will help with basic resources in Jamaica.

The Fans

International rugby league fans from Total RL are passionate about helping development of rugby league internationally. They are leading this campaign to provide funds to Jamaica RL for their domestic development.

Dev Inno Ltd

To support the cause, Dev Inno Ltd will not only be administering the donations but will contribute to Jamaica RL by offering $500+ in kind donation by way of a fully funded scholarship to its '3xE: Employment, Education, Entrepreneurship' © program.

You can join us

Fans at Total RL have pledged a minimum of £10 GBP or $20 AUD. You can donate as much as you like. The more raised will better support the youth of Jamaica to have genuine pathways to playing sport, further education and employment.

Dev Inno Ltd is a registered charity as a public benevolent institution with deductible gift recipient status.

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