Raise the Roof @ Crow Street Creative

By Crow Street Creative Inc

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A little bit of context 

Crow Street Creative is a unique, eclectic hub of Arts Practice and Entertainment in Gladstone. A Not - for - profit arts organisation that provides the broader community with a safe, inclusive, nurturing environment and emerging and established artists with opportunities to explore, experiment and grow in their creative pursuits.

Based on the edge of the CBD, the art precinct offers classes and workshops, outdoor markets, exhibitions, fundraisers, events, live music performances and is home to resident artists and businesses. Up to 2000 people access the venue each month for classes functions, and events as well as to service the businesses in operation.

Crow Street Creative Inc has gained a loyal and diverse audience over the last 3 years and our regular events have now become an essential part of Gladstone's cultural calendar.

But there’s a problem

Only one thing stands between Crow Street Creative Inc and absolute greatness: adequate protection against weather events and sun exposure. Even a few showers can force us to cancel one of our beloved events at anytime due to the current lack of weather protection, and sun safety is an absolute priority here in Queensland. 

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Installing weather protection in our precinct would offer the following benefits to community members involved, and we now are seeking funds to achieve them: 

- Protect musicians and technicians from weather related injury and safeguard musical and electrical equipment with a permanent roof cover over our stage.
- Protect audiences from sun exposure and promote sun safety with easily installable umbrellas which will also shelter them in case rain affects an event.
- Prevent disappointment and inconvenience to our audiences and loss of income for performers and Crow Street Creative, by avoiding event cancellation on rainy days over health and safety concerns.
- Encourage creative businesses running from the Crow Street precinct to offer new activities and workshops enhanced by the use of the upgraded outdoors areas (music and dance, circus, visual arts), and to engage with new audiences whilst keeping them safe from
sun or rain exposure. You can join us

These benefits do not come cheap and we have estimated that $44000 would be required to achieve the leavel of weather protection we seek. By supporting this campaign, you will contribute to building a safer and even more enjoyable community arts precinct for residents and visitors to the Gladstone Region.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

- Let's Be Friends: membership and volunteering opportunities

- Party at Crow Street: membership and volunteering opportunities plus a ticket for our special September event

- Build Something Special: membership and volunteering opportunities and your permanent mark on Gladstone's cultural history

- Join The Family: your reserved VIP table for 10 guests at our regular Crow Street Food & Music Fest monthly events

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Team Members

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