Freshwater for Families

By Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund Ltd (KKCF)

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A little bit of context

Jaffna is in the northern area of beautiful Sri Lanka and is a unique part of the island. There is a long history of Hindu tradition and it's also the cultural capital of Sri Lankan Tamils. The people are interesting, honest and there's a lot to see. With its art and creative culture, Jaffna welcomes visitors warmly.

But there’s a problem

The peninsula has been devastated by 30 years of violent, civil war. Even though the fighting ceased in 2009, there is still much recovery work to be done. Recently our team visited a remote fishing village at Veravil in Valaipadu. There are over 3000 people living on the salt plains and there is a great need for fresh drinking water.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

A simple project is to help these families add gutters to their basic homes. This will enable them to collect rainwater into tanks and have fresh drinking water.

You can join us

Make KKCF your EOFY charity and help us give fresh drinking water to these isolated and impoverished people.

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Team Members

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