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By Frack Free Four Supporters

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We’re the Frack Free Four Supporters, and now we’re working to FREE THE 3 anti-fracking protestors who have been jailed.

Fracking is coming to the UK, but people are stepping up to stop it.

Preston New Road in Lancashire is the flagship site in the UK. After Lancashire County Council rejected fracking in the county, it was ignored and over-ruled by Westminster. The campaign against fracking at Preston New Road has seen multiple protests by local residents and supporters over the past five years including mass demonstrations and blockades of trucks and drilling equipment entering the site. The imprisonment of the Frack Free Four comes in the context of some 350 protester arrests since Cuadrilla began constructing a fracking pad at the site in January 2017.

All previous cases have resulted in fines or community service.

But now our friends have been jailed.

In an unprecedented legal decision, three of our friends have been jailed for for blockading lorries carrying equipment to the Preston New Road fracking site. They are the first anti-fracking protestors to be sentenced to prison for their actions. As the supporter team we think this represents a clampdown on the right to protest.

Rich Loizou, Rich Roberts and Roscoe Blevins are by trade a teacher, a piano restorer, and a soil scientist. Roscoe and Rich R were jailed for 16 months, Rich Loizou jailed for 15 months. They will serve half in prison and the rest on license. Julian Brock, who was held on remand for 3 months after missing a court hearing, received a 12 month sentence suspended for 18 months - meaning he is now thankfully free.

We need the funds to properly support our friends

We’ve received thousands of amazing solidarity messages to pass on to the three. But we also need the funds. We’re urgently raising money to cover legal work, practical support for the three prisoners, and supportive campaigning.

Legal costs - £4,000

Legal costs including options for appeal of sentencing for the prisoner without legal aid.

Enabling prison visits - £10,000

Trains to Preston (where prisoners are currently held) are expensive. Partners and family will need to travel from across the country to visit them, from Sheffield, London and Devon particularly, over a period that could be over 8 months long. We estimate this will cost £10,000 to be able to support 2 visits (of up to 3 people) per month per prisoner.

Hardship fund for prisoners + immediate family - £1000
(e.g rent that couldn't be cancelled and unexpected costs)

Supportive campaigning - £8,000

£5,000 - Travel and expenses for our voluntary campaigning team.

£1,000 - Producing film and media to tell the story of the prisoners.

£1,000 - Costs for printing and materials.

£1,000 - Costs for demonstration infrastructure.

Total needed: £23,000

As a grassroots volunteer crew we will make the money stretch as far as possible. With more money - of course we can do more. Any money left over once the 3 are free will be used to support causes chosen by them.

It’s about more than money

There are loads of ways to support the prisoners as well as giving us cash. Find out more on our website -

Plus: campaigners have set up a petition to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights calling for a thematic inquiry into the declining space for civil society to effectively oppose the fracking industry in the UK.

You can read about The Frack Free Four in the press:

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The jailing of fracking protesters tells us we are winning this fight - The Guardian

Blackpool activists jailed for anti-fracking protest - The Guardian

Anti-fracking activists jailed for 'causing a public nuisance' during four-day protest - The Independent

Who are we?

We are the Frack Free Four Supporters - a group that came together to support the four men convicted of causing a ‘public nuisance’ in August 2018 for taking action against fracking in Lancashire.

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