Free English lessons for migrants and refugees!

By Babel's Blessing

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Babel's Blessing is a grassroots collective teaching English to migrants and refugees for free. We also teach other languages, and run training courses that help learners to become teachers and active agents of change through education. We have long waiting lists of people wanting to learn, and want to run more classes!

About us:

Our language school runs 5 ESOL classes a week all over the city, from Croydon to Bethnal Green. We also teach evening classes in Arabic, Yiddish, Latin American Spanish, Bengali and even run an adult batmitzvah class. We use the income from evening classes to make sure our ESOL classes are totally free for every learner, including those excluded from public funds. The evening classes we provide are linked to some of the diasporas that are so important to London’s migratory past and present.

Babel’s Blessing began as the language baby of Jewdas, a non-zionist group of radical Jews celebrating diasporist, polyglot and migratory histories. We see English as a language that can never be politically neutral.

How we work:

We try to reform the classroom from a bordered space of assimilation, standardisation and hierarchy; to a place of creativity, complaint, community, and change.

We run as a democratic community of learners, where students are actively involved in shaping the learning process.

We are a non-hierarchical organisation and everyone is encouraged to take an active role in the direction of the project.

We want to do more of it:

ESOL is one of many public services that has been made vulnerable by austerity and racist anti-migration policy. According to the government's own figures, the budget for ESOL was reduced by around 60% in real terms between 2010 and 2016. Free classes are nearly impossible to find, especially for people with no recourse to public funds.

We have long waiting lists of destitute learners who are desperate to learn English but can't join our already full classes. Our current students are calling for more hours. Help us stay alive and provide more free lessons for the many people who want them!

Your donation could pay for:

  • £5 tea, biscuits, and stationery for a weekly ESOL class
  • £10 travel expenses for two volunteer teaching assistants
  • £45 full weekly cost of an ESOL class
  • £100 start-up costs for a new ESOL class
  • £360 teacher's salary for one term of an ESOL class

We also have some amazing rewards for our more generous donors!

If you would like to set up a monthly donation, please click here for the donate page on our website.

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