Free carbon monoxide monitors for vulnerable & elderly people

By Blue Lamp Trust

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Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer

The vulnerable and elderly people in our community, like Betty, are at a greater risk of the effects of Carbon Monoxide.

Leaks in the home left undetected can cause people to become seriously ill and in some cases lead to death.

Simply by fitting carbon monoxide monitors in the home we can actually save lives.

People need to be protected

Many people are unaware of the health risks caused by exposure to carbon monoxide and around 60 deaths occur in England and Wales each year.

Betty had no idea that her gas boiler was faulty and leaking Carbon Monoxide, causing her to feel unwell, until the Bobby Scheme visited her home.

We fitted a Carbon Monoxide monitor, free of charge. This will alert Betty to any future leaks so that she can seek help immediately.

The Bobby Scheme has been supplying and fitting these free of charge thanks to a generous donation of 2500 monitors. However we have now exhausted this supply and urgently need to purchase more.

About the Bobby Scheme

The Bobby Scheme is run by the Blue Lamp Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and enhancing community safety throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

We offer a free service providing practical home security and safety assistance to the elderly and vulnerable, helping them to feel safe in their homes.

The Bobby Scheme wants to continue supplying and fitting Carbon Monoxide monitors free of charge to people like Betty but to do this we urgently need to raise the funds to buy more monitors.

How you can help

Please help us to raise £7500 so that we can purchase a year's supply of monitors.

If you can't donate to the fund you can still help. Please share our campaign with family, friends or anyone who you think may be able to support us.

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