Let’s be frank about Species Extinction #franksgiving

By Biolinks Alliance

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Attention Disillusioned Australians

Are you worried that nature is never put top of the political agenda, yet the situation is desperate? Platypus, Brush-tailed Phascogale (or Tuan), Greater Gliders and Barking Owls are just four of 198 native animals under threat in Central Victoria.

Biolinks Alliance is working from the grassroots to turn this grim story around so our children and grandchildren can see Platypus in our creeks and rivers.

Hundreds of committed Victorians are working for real conservation. We want to help by giving them the know-how, and plans for making every local effort build to great results to save animals from extinction in central Victoria. We are finding ways to get on with giving nature a future, regardless.

Commonwealth spending on the environment has been cut by one third since 2013. Exactly when more needs doing, the Government is pulling back. Perhaps you are looking for something good to do with those franking credits that you may have voted to lose, because you understand important things need funding. If so then please think long and hard about giving a tax-deductible donation to environmental organisations such as the Biolinks Alliance.

The community understands we must act now and is increasingly stepping up to ensure our environment has a future, but they need our help.

You really can make a difference today, with a donation to help restore and re-connect habitat across central Victoria.

Our goal of $50,000 represents 0.001% of the $5 billion that were spent on franking credits in 2018.

Biolinks Alliance is working to stop extinction of our native species here in central Victoria. We can’t afford to delay any longer. Too much is at stake. Find out more about us and the work we're doing to restore ecosystems at https://biolinksalliance.org.au/.



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