Food for Thought - Addressing Food Insecurity in Rural Schools

By Jason D.

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As educators we are well aware of the connection between nutrition and a student’s ability to learn. Hungry kids can’t learn.

The Food for Thought project is intended to offer a take-home bag of non-perishable, healthy food to every student enrolled at RTCC (currently around 160) once a month to address food insecurity in our community.

In our rural school district, we have seen many challenges related to underemployment, transportation difficulty, and other related factors that contribute to some of our students facing food insecurity. And, every day we see the connections between food insecurity and a student’s ability to learn.

Food insecurity does not mean a total absence of food, but rather not enough food at times. This has forced some families to choose between staying current with their bills and other financial obligations or having a just little more food in the pantry.

We know that our Food for Thought project will not completely solve every challenge that our students face, but we believe that these small bags make a big difference every month in 130 of our kids’ lives.


We are looking to apply $1,600 to our end of May food delivery. This will complete the remaining fundraising for this school year’s goal. Typically we spend six to seven dollars per bag. For our end of year bag we hope to spend $10 per bag so that students can start their summers off with just a little bit more.

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