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Heard of FOAMed?

FOAMed stands for Free Open Access Medical Education (or Meducation), and can be accessed from anywhere, any time, with access to a touch-screen phone or a computer screen with an internet connection.

Medical education is not the same everywhere...

Universities differ in their teaching approaches, different countries have different learning opportunities. FOAMedstudent is a volunteer organisation passionate about levelling the playing field as much as possible, by sharing online resources suitable for various levels of students and junior doctors undergoing medical training.

We are collaborating online to enhance medical training world-wide

OpenCon 2016, an application-only three-day global meeting, brings together people from around the world to advance Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education.

This year the #FOAMedstudent movement has been given an opportunity to contribute to the Open Movement.

Please help if you can...

It will be necessary to raise funds to get a #FOAMedstudent representative from Melbourne, Australia to Washington DC, USA. The time spent at the conference will then be shared with the #FOAMed community, to help raise awareness and ideally spark action to open the academic medical community up even more.

The perk is...

You’ll feel better about yourself, and we will twitter-thank-you-oh-so-much for helping out this cause.

Here is a little 6 minute video to explain what FOAM for students is:

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