FLOAT: Sri Lanka flood relief collection for Aarachchikattuwa

By Iman Fahim

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Eye of the storm

Sri Lanka was hit by cyclone Roanu and had the highest rainfall in 25years last week, causing the largest disaster since the tsunami in 2004: two villages were buried under mudslides caused by the torrential rain, a third of the main city of colombo was under water and over 100 people have died. Over 230,000 people have been displaced islandwide.

Returning Home

Now that water has begun to recede, many are returning home-or what is left of it. The hardest hit are the poor. They have nothing left to rebuild their lives. Children are at serious risk of falling ill, post-exposure to contaminated water, pregnant mothers and infants have no access to proper nutrition, no clean sanitation. They have no beds, no mattresses. No clothes, no food, no money and no income till they return to their livelihoods, which they may have lost too.

Chilaw and Aarachchikattuwa are towns in the Puttalam District that have been affected by this flood. Over 2000 families, at least 10000 people have been affected by the floods.

Help us help them

We aim to raise S$10,000 by 8 June. The funds will provide 21days worth of assistance to 163 families. The food and hygienic packs will be purchased in Sri Lanka, then delivered to the affected families. Purchase receipts, photos and follow-up reports will be posted here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1269041929787524/?...

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Team Members

Iman Fahim

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