Help change the lives of the poor in Nicaragua!

By Niels Billou for The Humanos Institute

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Dear Friend,

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere, where millions of people like Carlos live on less than $2/day. Everyday is a struggle for Carlos and his family of 5, where he has to make tough choices on whether to feed or cloth his children.

With your support, you can help change that.

A $250 loan can help Carlos break the cycle of poverty that has persisted for generations in only 8 months by starting a chicken farming micro-enterprise.

By establishing a community bank and developing financial literacy and job skills training programs, we can empower Carlos and other families in the community to take control of their financial destinies and to create a more stable future for themselves and their families. This first project has the potential to be rolled out to at least 35 more communities, impacting tens of thousands of people for generations to come.

How do we plan on achieving this?

Our group of volunteers will travel to El Naranjo on May 28th. We will work 15 hour days using the Design Thinking methodology, a human-centred approach to problem solving. In the Design Thinking process, the people and their context is of paramount importance – we don’t show up with preconceived solutions, but instead focus on finding out what truly matters at that time and in that place for the community with whom we’re working.

This trip will be the continuation of our first trip to El Naranjo back in December 2015. During the first trip we uncovered several insights with regards to the needs and aspirations of the community members. These insights will act as the foundation for this trip. A full report containing the results of our first trip can be found here.

How will the money be used?

The money you give us will be used as follows:

Building of the physical structure $4000

Financial literacy programs: $1000

Job Skills Training programs: $1000

Initial Loan Fund: $4000

Why are we doing this?

In short, because we want Humanos to be an agent of change. Change for how we address poverty, through an empathetic approach. Change the way the people of el Naranjo live and empower them to live better lives. And change the way we, those fortunate enough to be reading this, live our lives, inspiring people to reconnect with our shared human values.

Help us ignite this change in El Naranjo. Donate as much as you can to fund the implementation of this project and then share this page through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Thank you for your support!

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Niels Billou for The Humanos Institute

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