Fight the Phrag in Lambton Shores

By Ducks Unlimited Canada

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Nancy Vidler and her team of volunteer vigilantes are committed to taking back the sunsets on Lambton Shores.

In recent years, they’ve watched scattered clumps of tall reeds become vast, towering stands on their coastline. The stands are destroying natural aquatic habitats and blocking the spectacular sunset views that draw thousands of people to Lake Huron’s beaches every summer.

They had to take action for their community. Since 2012, the team has led an expanding strategic counter-assault against a future of degraded beaches, wetlands and waterways flowing to Lake Huron including:

  • Port Franks
  • Ipperwash Beach
  • Ipperwash Dunes & Swales
  • Lambton Centre

Fast-growing phragmites is a critical challenge to Lake Huron’s shores.

You’ve seen it on beaches and in ditches. Phragmites grows in tall, dense stands that crowd out native wildlife and prevent people from enjoying beaches, bays and backwaters.


Ducks Unlimited Canada is deeply concerned about aquatic invasive plants that degrade wetlands and waterfowl habitats. It’s clear that phragmites will infiltrate aquatic habitats across the province unless local organizations take action.

So, we’re helping a group of local volunteers with a proven track record of success.

The Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group has led the charge on phragmites control for more than 300 acres (120 hectares) along Lake Huron. Rehabilitated areas have rebounded with native cattail, bulrush, sedges and aquatic plants. And monitoring programs show increasing numbers of birds, frogs and fish in the recovering habitats.

The Lambton Shores volunteers have received several awards including the 2019 Conservation Award, presented by the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, for their work in rehabilitating invaded aquatic habitats including beaches, wetlands and streams.

This work is difficult, costly and critical. Eradicating invasive phragmites is only possible through the investment of significant resources. We’re helping the Lambton Shores volunteers and we think you should, too.


The Lambton Shores Wetland Enhancement Project is battle-ready and needs your help.

The project is taking back nearly 150 acres (59 hectares) of a provincially significant wetland along the Lake Huron shoreline that is being degraded by invasive phragmites. The Wood Drive Wetland Marsh is enjoyed by local residents and cottagers as well as hunters, fishers, bird watchers and hikers.

Its bright future depends on your investment now. More resources are needed to finish the job.


The award-winning Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group is based in Port Franks. They are led by chair, Nancy Vidler, and made up of a core group of retired professionals committed to the successful control of invasive phragmites along their Lake Huron coastline. These dedicated volunteers work with an array of landowners and community partners to realize their goal of protecting beaches and waterways from infiltration.

Visit the Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group website.

Read about them in the London Free Press: Keeping up the fight


Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) delivers wetland conservation that benefits every Canadian. We keep the water in your lakes and rivers clean. We protect your community from the effects of flood and drought. We save wildlife and special natural places. We use science to find solutions to the most important environmental issues of the day and we collaborate with people who are helping create a healthier world. The wetlands we save aren’t just for ducks; they’re for all of us.

Help Ducks Unlimited Canada support these important conservation efforts and donate today. Then spread the word to your friends, neighbours and fellow beach-goers who may not know that their sunset views are imperiled by a towering reed imported from Europe.

Please help take back the sunsets at Lambton Shores. Donors who prefer US dollars can click here to donate and receive a US tax receipt through Conserve Canada.

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