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She's one of our best friends, please, give like she's one of yours.

Why are we fighting for Fee?

This fund has been set up to help Fee and her family pay the extraordinary medical costs that have been incurred in looking after her and keeping her going, through some pretty tough times recently. You see, after surviving cancer as a teen, last year Fee received the shocking news that it had returned. She now has an extremely rare (and aggressive) cancer called leiomyosarcoma.

On a recent family holiday with Jamie and the boys, things took a bad turn, and the tumours in Fee's abdomen caused her bowel to perforate. Jamie pulled out all stops, and arranged emergency air evacuation back to Melbourne, to save her life. The fact that Fee survived the trip home is nothing short of a miracle (you can read her sister Sarah's account, for the full harrowing story on

Following life-saving surgery undertaken at St Vincent’s hospital here in Melbourne, Fee spent days in an induced coma, and weeks recuperating in hospital. We’re happy to say she is slowly getting stronger, but the next challenge is gearing up for chemotherapy to begin.

Based on the overwhelming requests from people who know and love Fee and her boys, we have decided to set up this page. Please join us in supporting our beautiful Fee and her family, in whatever way you can. There are numerous ways you can do so: By giving generously, we have set up a crowd funding site, or by donating your time and joining the meal train.

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