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On November 25, 2016 we are hosting a 24 Hour YouNow fundraiser.

The fundraiser will run from 12:01 am (US EST time zone). There will be several vegan broadcasters streaming for an hour each over the 24 hour period.

The charity we are raising funds for is Food For Life Global the international headquarters for Food for Life – the world´s largest vegan food relief with 210 projects in 60 countries.


A Real Solution for World Hunger

If there is one thing absolute in this world it is that food has the power to unite. And the refugee crisis in Europe is a case in point. People from all ethnicities are reaching out to help their “brothers” and “sisters.”

Using the purest food to create peace and unity in the world is Food for Life’s primary mission. Food for Life Global is much more than a hunger relief organization, but is a network of projects aimed at addressing the root cause of hunger, and in fact, all social issues, by helping people from all ethnicities and religions to understand one common truth: That we are all souls having a human experience. Therefore, every man, woman and child is essentially a member of one universal family of God. And there is no more powerful way to illustrate that truth than by the indiscriminate distribution of pure plant-based food that has been prepared with loving intention.

The hope is to have different topics related to veganism and the mission of Food for Life Global discussed on YouNow and to promote the fundraiser whilst they are online.

The Scope of Food for Life Global's Work

Food for Life Global projects span the globe and all have unique local aims and objectives. However, all Food for Life projects will adhere to the following principles as part of their overall strategy.

  • Welfare: To provide pure plant-based meals to the disadvantaged, malnourished and victims of disaster (natural or manmade), and wherever there is a need in the world.
  • Hospitality: To revive the ancient Vedic culture of spiritual hospitality, and to teach people by example, that there is spiritual equality among all beings.
  • Non-Violence: To reduce the amount of animals slaughtered for food, by giving as many people as possible the higher taste of “karma-free” plant-based meals.
  • Health: To teach about the value of plant-based meals for improving body and mind health.
  • Education: To teach the art and science of food yoga as an integral part of consciousness development.
  • Animal Advocacy: To support animal rescue projects as a powerful way to teach people (through direct experience) of the equality of all life.

Food for Life Global is a nonprofit charitable organization registered in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a fiscal partner in the United States, A Well-Fed World. Since it's inception the non-profit has served close to 4 billion meals to the public. Food for Life Global is funded mainly by member donations and corporate grants.

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