Fellow Target Team Member Callie Needs A Home For Her Family

By Target Workers Unite

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A little bit of context

Our fellow Target team member Callie works hard at store #1265, now moreso than ever as she is expecting her first child.

But there’s a problem

Callie and her partner are struggling to find a home for them and their baby. We wish Target executives would care enough to make sure our pregnant and expecting team members were taken care of, but that's not the case.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are calling on all fellow Target team members and community members to help show Callie, her partner, and her baby what solidarity looks like! Please make a small contribution today, every bit helps.

You can join us

Make sure to show this fundraiser and our interview with Callie to your fellow team members, encourage them to reshare the story and make a small contribution as well!

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