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Get It & Give it - purchase Feathersome Journal for yourself and gift one to a woman who has experienced violence.

Knowledge is power! We know you get it and here’s your chance to give it back twofold. Take the lead and BUY a Journal, brimming with honest, authentic and clever feminine knowledge, and gift another women the power to use her wings to fly. Together we will uplift women leading.

Standing up and asking really loudly… Are you with us?

What would the social landscape look like if we all could see, hear and understand leadership roles through a female gaze? These roles may not require the traditional suit or a large bank balance. They include the vast and complex acts of feminine strength and the courageous decisions it takes to be female at a time of adversity and inequality. How would it impact the safety outcomes of women and girls in our community and around the world if we shared real and honest information, resources and tools for women to speak up, stand up and better serve themselves? As a working team of people who love uplifting women we think that would be a great start! Knowledge is power; but the quality of knowledge is important and the source of knowledge needs to be credible. So we are bringing you the information you need to step into leadership as the diverse, authentic and intelligent woman that you are.

So did we mention the Journal?…

This is the last of our birds to leave the nest… the precious and beautiful Feathersome Journal. A unique and high-quality print publication of in-depth original articles curated with exquisite design and artwork. Our objective is to offer you an offline opportunity to fully immerse yourself in women’s storytelling and its legacy. The Journal provides a feminine resource through the storytelling categories of Business, Creativity, Education, Habitat, Politics and Wellbeing along with a social and ethical advertising standard. This resourcing assists with your own challenges and encourages you to move forward with knowledge and confidence in your own voice

A bit more about what we do…

Our connections with women have lead us to understand that low levels of female leadership and high levels of violence towards women are intimately linked (you can read more about the statistics at the bottom of the page). For the last 18 months we’ve been working on a number of initiatives to make change. Our existing support programs, events, workshops and our future publishing platforms ask the courageous questions and name the real issues affecting women. We are exploring and showcasing women’s leadership capability to provide resources that empower you to be the leader you are searching for. We are impacting lives, one woman at a time, at both ends of the power spectrum. www.feathersome.com

Our mission…

Feathersome is a social enterprise uplifting women leading through authentic storytelling. Our independent, intelligent media and events enable women’s voices to be spoken, heard, seen and valued, and empower people to support women.

Donate and join us

We need $15,000 to go to press on this first publication. Most of your donation will pay for the print and part will be used to purchase audio / visual equipment to continue to reach as many people as possible.

Women's stories are important. We love that you are putting your purse where your purpose is! Give the gift of feminine knowledge and voice to a woman experiencing difficulty! Purchase Get It & Give It or subscribe to the Journal yourself through the Perks.

Women’s voices need to be spoken, seen, heard and valued. Thank you kindly for your support.

PLEDGE $50 - Get It & Give it

Purchase your discounted copy of the first edition of Feathersome Journal and give the gift of female knowledge and storytelling to a woman who has experienced violence. Your gift includes a One Hope Two Give postcard with a unique message of hope written for this woman during the 10 days up to and including International Women’s Day.

*Stats and extras…

It is a fact that women are a little over half the adult Australian population and there are persistent over-, under- and mis-representations of women within our society. Women comprise about half of the Australian workforce yet they continue to be under-represented in visible leadership roles – in key forums of critical decision-making in our society, which restricts, diminishes and silences women’s voices.

Further, one woman is killed each week by her partner or former partner. A third of women have experienced violence from someone they know and women are three times more likely than men to experience domestic violence. These frightening statistics compel us to enable more visible, active and plentiful female leadership to take effective measures that eliminate violence against women.

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