Caring for Carers

By Foster Care Association of Victoria

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We Are Running A Retreat! Thank you to all our generous donors!

It is not too late to donate to the Caring for Carers Program.

Please click the link above to be redirected to our website for donations.

Carers open their heart and homes to protect Victoria's children...

There are more than 10,000 children in home-based care in Victoria and volunteer carers give their home and hearts to these vulnerable members of our community who have often experienced trauma. Their carers are the most important people in their recovery at this time and the role often leaves little left over for carers to meet their own needs. They are at risk of compassion fatigue and burnout themselves.

What we want to do about it...

The Foster Care Association of Victoria has identified carer wellbeing as a key challenge in Victoria with the increasingly complex needs and challenges they meet. To better support carers and acknowledge the vital place they hold in the lives of young people in care, and in our community as a whole, late in 2018 we established the Caring for Carers Program.

An important element of this program is the Carer Retreat.

Carers are coming to us emotionally, mentally and physically depleted and we saw an opportunity to run Carer’s Retreats to provide a time of restoration and self-care strategies so dedicated carers return re-energised to their families.

Carers who have had the opportunity to come to a Retreat are unanimous in their feedback. The benefits extend far beyond the Retreat itself. They take home strategies and a sense of connection with other’s in their situation. For many, it's the first time in years they have focused on themselves and felt acknowledged, so we knew we had to try and run more.

Today, we are asking for your support.

Why do we need your help?

Following this enormously positive response, the organisation wants to offer a Carer Retreat each year to provide more carers with this valuable, and often overlooked, time-out experience but we can’t do it without you. Your donation will help us to provide:

Take home self-care tools for carers

• The practice and development of strategies to be better equipped to manage daily life

• Building personal resilience and improved emotional awareness about themselves and the children in their care

• Gain insight into finding support and navigating the home-based care system

• Develop connections with other carers for shared experiences

Our Retreats will be run by experienced facilitators and trainers with extensive experience in supporting carers, running training and wellness activities.

A place at a Retreat for each carer includes:

• Overnight accommodation
• All meals over 2 days
• Massage and pamper pack
• Facilitators and staff

Please join us and show our carers you care...

This crowdfunding campaign is aimed at providing a Carer’s Retreat for 10 carers which will come at a cost of $10,000. Every additional $1,000 raised will mean we can support another carer to attend.


Who are we?

The Foster Care Association of Victoria is the peak body for carers in Victoria. As well as advocating for and supporting carers, one of the key objectives of the Foster Care Association of Victoria is to enhance carers’ ability to improve the lives of children in their care through the provision of support and information.

Please donate today and support our carers this February!

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