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Football Beyond Borders works with over 400 young people in schools in London for 38 weeks in the calendar year. Unfortunately, during the holiday period, we have noticed a series of negative trends in the well being of the young people we work with. Namely due to a lack of safety, lack of physical activities, poor nutritional diet and literacy lag due to a lack of reading. We intend to change this. 

My name is Rebekah and I work on our external team as well as heading up our female programmes. I am extremely lucky in my role as I get to work closely with both our generous FBB supporters and our inspiring young people on a daily basis.

We know the impact of our work is powerful but school and social exclusion are on the rise, bringing with it a severe lack of engaging and stimulating opportunities, as well as increased violence on our streets.

Reports show that at least £39m has been cut from council youth services over the last seven years. Sadly, as a result, there has been an erosion of youth clubs and provisions for young people in communities that need it most.

This has led to a growth in the number of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds being marginalised, stigmatised, suffering a reduction in their confidence and self-esteem, and most heartbreakingly,  a sense of hopelessness for their future. In our wonderful city, young people have been left bereft of spaces to call their own.


In January, we confirmed the lease on a building in the Angell Town Estate, Brixton. This is a tightly knit community where we have a track record of working with young people. We deliver weekly sessions at the primary school on the estate and ran a campaign to secure over £40k in investment to renovate the football pitch in 2015-16.

We have just completed the essential and basic building work on the site to get it up and running. It's really exciting to be here and I've watched as the space has gone through an amazing conversion (I no longer feel like wretching from the smell). We now need to turn it into a space young people can use!

The new site will enable us to offer the following for young people...

  • Easter and Summer Holiday schemes for up to 200 young people annually to address the dual problems of ‘holiday hunger’ and holiday ‘learning deficit’ faced by many young people from low-income families.

  • An FBB Youth Leadership programme to meet fortnightly - 15 young people selected from our partner schools will meet to deliver a social action project, thereby making a positive contribution to the community whilst developing transferable skills essential for employment. Weekly football sessions for up to 50 young people.

  • One weekday evening to provide a youth club venue for up to 50 young people.

In the first image below, you can see the condition of the site when we arrived (not pretty to say the least), and in the second image you can see the fruits of our labour so far. However, it is an empty space with basic white walls, desks and chairs. The third image has been designed to give you an window into our vision for the future, highlighting the growing potential and possibilities the space holds.


We need to raise £15.887.60 to get the site fit for purpose with essential equipment to create an innovative, transformative learning hub.

Where we are able to, we would like to thank you for joining us with some exciting perks. Check them out on the right-hand side of this page! If you'd like to come to visit a programme, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you so much for your support! Together, we can transform young people's opportunities, mend some of the ruptures in our society and fund a truly inclusive future. 


Football Beyond Borders (FBB) is a charity that uses football as a catalyst for creating change in the attitude, performance, and aspirations of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We work in partnership with local schools to deliver our own innovative football-themed curriculum to re-engage young people in their learning.

In 2014, Football Beyond Borders became a registered charity and started the first FBB Schools Programme with 15 participants from Croydon. Check out our moving timeline to see how we've grown and follow us on all socials for a glimpse into life in the FBB Family.


Alongside me, 2 more FBB staff members have been working away to bring you this campaign and put together a vision for the youth centre. Below, you can find out why we believe in the power of football.


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