XR | London Fashion Week 2020: ACT NOW

By Extinction Rebellion UK

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Why we are rebelling

We are in the midst of a Climate and Ecological Crisis. The fashion industry plays a big part in this.

According to the UN, 2020 is the ‘make or break year.’ To limit warming to below 1.5C now requires a 15% cut in emissions annually. And yet, this February, the global Fashion Weeks convene again – to display the clothes the industry wants us to wear for Autumn/Winter 2020-21, past the UN 2020 deadline.

We challenge the industry to stop the cycle of overproduction and overconsumption that threatens those that least contributed to it, notably the Global South and all youth, whose future is at stake. 

Why fashion


  • The clothing industry alone accounts for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, almost the same as the total emissions of the EU.
  • The climate impact of the industry is predicted to increase by 49% by 2030.
  • It takes up to 2700 litres of water to produce a conventional cotton t-shirt.
  • Approximately 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile production.
  • Fashion is a particularly wasteful industry with less than 1% of clothing recycled into new clothing.
  • 80% of garment workers are women, of whom many work long exhausting hours for less than half of a living wage.

Our plans to protest London Fashion Week

On Saturday, 15th February, we will start the day with a swarm, followed by creative actions, music, block-printing, speeches and family-friendly activities. Let’s use the power of our creativity to envision a better world.

We Need Your Support

To make this day of action a success, we need posters, banners, art supplies, materials, tools, and lots of other resources. A lot of local rebels and different groups are helping to make all this happen, but we have only very limited funding for it – this is why we need financial support.

To get involved or for further information, email xrfashionaction@gmail.com. 

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