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Worst drought on record

My name is Joanne... I've been volunteering with Farm Animal Rescue (FAR) since my first visit, when I learned just how much farmed animals suffer to produce meat, dairy and eggs.

I'm reaching out for your help, because I can't stand by and watch farmed animals suffer, and see FAR and it's volunteers struggle to cope under these unprecedented drought conditions.

Australia's drought is hitting hard and it is killing animals everywhere. Sustained hunger with little to no food or water and the continued breeding of animals for food, has been compounded by relentless bushfires. All this is causing the sustained demise of thousands of animals.

We have seen starvation first hand at FAR, and it is truly heart-breaking.

Joni and Annie are two sheep rescues who came to sanctuary severely dehydrated and entirely malnourished. Both skeletal with their wool falling out in clumps, it took the girls just a day before they could graze with the herd. However, soon after Annie became increasingly disoriented. She rejected food and water, and began to show neurological symptoms.

Sweet Annie - pictured above

We gave Annie intensive care with the best antibiotics and supportive treatments available. Annie was so ill that she was taken inside the farmhouse to sleep, so that she could be monitored. Throughout the night she paced around and around, trying and then refusing food as she became more confused. Suddenly she stopped pacing and everything went quiet... Annie had succumbed to the infections ravaging her frail body, she didn't have the strength to fight. Annie left this world only knowing a few days of kindness and care here at sanctuary.

Mourned by the herd and all of us at FAR, Annie's friend Joni was acutely aware that she had lost her friend and took some time to rejoin the herd. Annie's experience illustrates the brutality of starvation. Even once food is again available, a weak and deteriorated body still often cannot continue to support life, and without medical care this death can be extremely slow and painful. We remember Annie fondly and are so proud that Joni has survived to become a very healthy, affectionate and dearly-loved member of the herd at FAR today.

FAR lobbied the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry to stop the suffering of these poor cattle

Most famed animals are not so lucky and it is impossible for anyone to rescue every animal in Australia. What is not impossible, is the power of our vision to create a kinder world for farmed animals. Farmed animals of all kinds continue to be bred in drought conditions and are suffering brutally. Only one sanctuary is calling on the government and the industry body, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), to stop breeding animals when the Bureau of Meteorology is certain of continued drought. There are so many different options for us now. Breeding of farmed animals in these conditions is not necessary and FAR continues to provide community education on kinder and more sustainable solutions through our community outreach, open days and Visitor Program.

Sanctuary from abuse

What makes FAR so special, is the amazing animals who live here- gentle, trusting and giving, despite the violence and despair they were bred into. And the very special needs of each animal are tended to multiple times daily with love, food, water and attention, and quality veterinary care when needed. This is no ordinary farm - it is a unique sanctuary and a registered charity that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes farmed animals.

Unlike commercial farms, FAR receives NO drought relief by way of government rebates or subsidies to assist with the sky-rocketing operating costs impacting farms and farmed animals. Here, the animals come first and we have been trucking-in water for them. The cost of hay has increased 50% and our volunteer workload has increased with the vital need to put-out 30 separate feeds every day for the animals who live here. We have lost five of our six dams and have had no pasture since June. And the Summer has only just begun... Our volunteers and fundraising efforts are at breaking point. We need your help.

EDIT: This dam is now completely dry.

Give relief

You can directly help farmed animals by giving the gift of relief to supplement Farm Animal Rescue's resources in these extreme weather conditions. We will NOT let the residents of FAR suffer this drought, and we WILL continue the fight to stop animal starvation across Australia. Your support makes the world of difference today and in the long-term. You can help by:

* donating today and sharing this page with friends and family

* dedicating your time or skills as a FAR volunteer - and by

* watching for other opportunities to support us throughout December!

Your support means that FAR will continue to rescue and rehabilitate farmed animals, provide world-class animal care and find kind forever homes. Every animal at sanctuary, or now in a loving home, has YOU to thank for their life and care.

They need you this year more than ever.

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