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By Fred A. Toomer Elementary School

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Fred A Toomer Elementary School is a Title I neighborhood school serving the Kirkwood, Edgewood and East Lake communities of Atlanta. The mission of the PTA is to work with parents, teachers and the community to advocate for our children and strengthen our school community.

You can help us!

We are hoping to raise $5,000 for the 2019-2020 school year to:

  • Create a strong parent network who can work together to advocate for our students;
  • Provide FREE programming so all families can feel connected to the school and know how to help support their child's education;
  • Host community-based events that are inclusive and accessible for all Toomer families regardless of their income;
  • Conduct outreach to the local community to boost our school's enrollment; and
  • Support our dedicated teachers and school staff in their work to nurture and educate our students.

These funds will allow us to:

  • Provide food at the annual Back to School Picnic;
  • Ensure dinner and childcare is available at ALL school events and parent meetings;
  • Host family learning nights at school to help parents support their children's education at home and get to know school staff;
  • Revamp our outdoor classroom to give teachers another option for learning and exploration;
  • Host our annual Spaghetti Dinner, open to the entire community;
  • Coordinate a family dance and a student art show to engage families and showcase our school to the larger community;
  • Celebrate our teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week in May;
  • Provide basic school supplies to teachers and staff;
  • Support school wellness efforts to ensure kids have access to healthy food choices and physical activity;
  • Support and promote cluster wide events to build a community beyond our immediate neighborhood; and
  • Work with school administration to identify families in need of financial support.

There is no donation too small (or big!).


-could purchase two reams of copy paper for event flyers

-could purchase materials needed for a take home activity during a Family Learning Night.


-could provide decorations at our Family Dance.

-could purchase a teacher appreciation gift.

-could provide coffee in the teacher's lounge.


-could provide dinner for families at a school event.

-could provide games and prizes for our cluster's Fall Festival.

-could support materials for 5th grade graduation.


-could purchase bottled water for teachers and students during Field Day.

-could purchase banners to hang in the community to advertise events.

-could purchase supplies to display student art at the spring Art Show.

When parents are able and empowered to be involved in school and with their child's education, students benefit!

Better test scores. Better grades. Better attendance. Better outcomes.

Thank you for your help!

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