Crisis funding needed for animal rescue!

By For Animals, Inc

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Why We Are “For Animals”

At For Animals, we believe that no animal should live a life of suffering, malnutrition, and illness. For 19 years, our founder and dedicated volunteers have been on the frontlines of TNR in the community, performing cat and kitten rescues, working with partner veterinarians in TNR and restoring health, and creating a shelter, foster, and adoption program to find homes for as many of these cats in need as possible, as well as returning spayed and neutered feral cats to their communities to help control population.

Rescue in the Time of COVID-19

For Animals has never stopped heading into the community to rescue the cats and kittens that need our help most: young females who have delivered kittens in a scrapyard; cats who have serious injuries and need immediate care to survive; cats who have been abandoned by their humans and are desperately in need of food and love. We are now finding more of these friendly cats amid feral colonies. The odds are against all of these sweet cats if left to fend for themselves, as they face harsh lives of scrounging for food, without a warm, safe place to shelter.

Your Help is Critical

In the best of times, having the resources to help the animals is a struggle. During the pandemic, when the ASPCA clinic is closed and we must pay a private veterinarian to spay or neuter, it costs close to $100 per cat. TNR not only helps stop the breeding cycle but is also one of the most important ways we can address community concerns, improving the way that humans coexist with community cats. That's why we keep doing it despite the increased cost. We rescued 40 cats in March and 55 cats in April. That's over $9,500 just for basic vet bills, and several of the cats need dentals too, which cost $500 - $1100 per cat, even with a rescue discount.

There are significant costs for FVRCP vaccines and rabies vaccines for each rescue as well. We also have daily expenses of food, litter, and medicines for the shelter cats and for supplying food to the senior folks who generously feed our community cat colonies.

Finding Homes for the Homeless

Our mission is to help find loving homes for these vulnerable cats—friendly companion animals or our more feral felines, who make great barn cats. In addition to financial resources we also have a great need for big-hearted people to open their homes to foster and adopt. Your compassion and help is needed now more than ever. Thank you for your support.

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