Eye Surgery for kittens with Eyelid Agenisis

By Paws & Claws Adoptions

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Winry and Edward

Winry and Edward were found with their sibilings at just 1 week old in a large feral colony after their mother refused to care for them. Hand raised in foster care, it became apparent that the kittens had been born without their upper eyelids. This is called Eyelid Agenisis and left untreated means that Winry and Edward's eyes would be constantly inflamed, irritated and prone to damage which may make them blind.

What we can do!

Luckily there is a surgery which can be performed once the kittens are old enough to repair their upper eyelids and give them a normal, pain free life! Unfortunantly the surgery is very expensive and with so many animals in Paws and Claws Adoption's care, we don't have the funds to cover the costs.

You can help!

We at Paws and Claws Adoptions are deciated to giving our rescued animals the best possible chance at a long happy life so we are fundraising to help cover the costs of these life changing surgeries. We're aiming to raise $4,000 which will cover the costs of the surgery. Any donation helps!

As a thankyou we have some amazing perks for you!

Winry and Edward would like to thank you for helping them! Our perks include a personal message from Winry and Edward themseleves! Or maybe you'd like a photoshoot session for you and your fur friends! Have you heard about Nina? Winry and Edward have a blind sister called Nina who loves adventure and brunch, she'd be happy to take you out to say thank you for helping her brother and sister! <3

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