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It's never been more important to demand of the UK Government: ‘What is your plan for the Planetary Emergency? 


In the coming months, we'll be supporting more beautiful & creative actions to bring the message of climate and ecological crisis to millions. 


The world has never seen a threat to human rights of this scope… The economies of all nations, the institutional, political, social and cultural fabric of every state, and the rights of all your people, and future generations, will be impacted.” 

UN Human Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet 

Since the UK Parliament declared a ‘symbolic’ Climate and Environmental Emergency on May 1 2019, we have seen neither truth nor action. 

  • Of 25 key policies recommended by the Government’s advisers to address the Emergency, it has implemented just one.
  • Populations of UK’s most important wildlife have plummeted with 25% of mammals and nearly 50% of birds assessed at risk of extinction.
  • The UK Government has allocated more overseas cash to oil and gas in the two years since signing the Paris Agreement than it had in the previous five
  • Despite appeals from former UN head Ban-Ki Moon to stop, the UK Government continues to lock in countries to a fossil fuel future and extract wealth from the Global South

Our grassroots movement relies on thousands of people’s contributions. Please donate to our UK Rebellion now and consider helping it evolve by joining us here: https://rebellion.earth/act-now/join-us/ 

Love and rage in the face of extinction.

Until we win! 

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