Autumn Extinction Rebellion

By Extinction Rebellion

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Join us on the 7th of October. All over the world, we take to the streets together again in a unified call for immediate action on the climate and ecological emergency.

This is an emergency. We believe it is our duty to act. Together, let's unite and insist our governments take action for us, for our children and for all life!

Extinction Rebellion is the fastest growing climate & ecology non violent direct action movement in history.

The level of support from individuals and communities has been unprecedented. Money raised on this crowdfunder will continue to be spent by our UK working groups organising, reaching out and scaling up. 20% is allocated to our International Solidarity Network of Extinction Rebellion UK, and 80% will go to the various UK working groups and regional teams.

The first International Rebellion in April woke up individuals and communities globally to the converging climate and ecological crises. In the 7 weeks following the start of the Rebellion, the number of Extinction Rebellion members globally doubled to reach 134,000 (94,000 in the UK). We have grown to a total of 351 groups (130 in the UK), in 59 countries across a total of 248 cities & towns. Worldwide, ordinary citizens are forcing more and more jurisdictions to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

It’s clear, we’re having an effect. However, our government responses are still inadequate and not proportionate to the urgency and magnitude of the threat

The UK is launching its second crowdfunder to help give rise to the next rebellion and ensure our demands are met. We have the government's attention, now we demand that they act!

The next chapter of Extinction Rebellion has begun and our success relies on your generous gifts of time, money, skills and energy. The Climate Emergency Fund already awarded grants across the globe. They are committed to helping us keep momentum. But the bulk of our funding comes from our grassroots supporters. Every contribution is vital and making a donation is one very useful way to participate. If you are from a country outside the UK, you might want to consider supporting the efforts of your national branch.

Love and rage in the face of extinction.

Until we win!

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