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Extinction Rebellion Scotland and COP26 - donate now

In 2020, the international climate movement is coming to Scotland and we need your help.

Rebels from across the world will be coming to Scotland to make their voices heard at COP26, the key United Nations climate change conference taking place in Glasgow.

Your donations will support our 2020 plans, help us tackle the fossil fuel industry and provide accommodation and support for guest rebels during COP26. This is a massive undertaking, but we want as many rebels as possible to join us in Glasgow, enjoy warm Scottish hospitality and take the rebel message to COP26.

XR Scotland are working as part of a coalition of local and international environmental groups, activists organisations, trade unions and other concerned groups to coordinate a mass mobilisation in the city of Glasgow during COP. Contributions made here will support those efforts.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland is part of an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to demand action on the climate crisis and ecological emergency.

Our successes are achieved by rebel volunteers who give up their time, energy and resources. Our projects and actions require funding and that comes from the generosity of people like you. We thank you for all the help you can provide.

Our 2020 projects

  • Rig Rebellion 2.0 - Tackling the fossil fuel industry and financial organisations who support it
  • Planning for rebellion through action and creativity
  • Providing equipment to ensure accessibility for all rebels
  • Supporting new local groups cropping up all over Scotland

Find out more about the rebellion and how you can get involved.

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