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The Climate Crisis 

The world is currently on course to hit 4° warming above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century, possibly sooner. All climate models predict 4° to be catastrophic for life on earth. Some models predict that at this level of warming the earth can sustain only 1 billion humans. We face significant loss of human life, and mass extinction of species, within the lifetime of ourselves and our children.

The crisis is already taking the lives of over 1000 children every day.  Between 10-100 species are already going extinct every day. Each day our governments refuse to act drives us closer to the collapse of society

The Local Situation

We are not safe from climate breakdown in the UK. 1800 homes in the North of England are drying out after being flooded for most of November 2019. We import 50% of our food. As global droughts increase we face significant risk of food shortages, potentially within the next 10 years.

On our own doorstep Surrey County Council is complicit in the crisis. They refuse to divest from fossil fuels, and have just granted a licence for oil extraction from the Surrey countryside of up to 3500 barrels per day for 25 years!  The area is now ranked 2nd for earthquake frequency in the UK, and the site poses significant risks of air pollution and drinking water contamination.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Extinction Rebellion is demanding that global governments take immediate action to secure our futures. We demand they stop allowing a handful of fossil fuel companies to destroy the planet and cause mass suffering to communities across the world. Since the 1980s, just 100 companies have been responsible for over 70% of total carbon emissions. Individual action alone cannot tackle climate change. We need drastic action to immediately reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

You may not like Extinction Rebellion's tactics. And that's fine. We don't like having to be out on the streets. But the UK Government has ignored 30 years of petitions, marches, and pleas. We are left with no choice but to take action and demand they begin to act on the climate crisis. This is why we disrupt the government. Against such powerful institutions it is the only method we have to force them to start acting. 

But that's not all we do. At a local level we are constantly working on community projects aimed at engaging more people in climate action, whilst also driving Surrey toward carbon neutrality. In the last 2 months alone we have planted 400 Rowan seeds as a pledge for National Tree Week, which will be planted in the Park Barn community this November. We have built a bug hotel to help a local school achieve its bronze Eco-Schools award. We've held a swap shop & eco-wrapping workshop to cut down on Christmas. 

Help us!

As a movement we try to be as inclusive as possible. But we know that not everyone is in a position to protest. We'd love you to come to our meetings, so that you can help without ever putting yourself at risk. We are all volunteers, and we use our own funds and donations to pay for room hire, resources & materials, and everything else we need. Therefore we rely on public goodwill to support us. Please contribute what you can to help us continue the fight against the extinction of life on earth for profit.


This section is designed to tell donators about the perks XR can offer you. We don't have the capacity to do that. But what we are fighting for is clean air, guaranteed food supply, justice for communities in the Global South where children are dying, and an end to a system which funnels wealth to the richest whilst destroying the planet and keeping children in poverty, people sleeping on the streets, and marginalised communities on the edge of society. So please, whatever you can give, stand with us to fight for our futures. 

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