Expanding our educational approach to support more children

By Green House Education Project CIC

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At the Green House, we believe in nurturing and inspiring children to become internally-motivated independent learners. We have a new approach to education which puts social and emotional learning at its core so children learn to care for themselves, others and the world around them.

Our model is backed up by experts and independent research. Since 2014 our highly-skilled mentors have inspired and supported more than 24 children and their families from many different backgrounds.

These are our core values:

  • We trust in children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn
  • We use compassionate and peaceful communication
  • We ensure every voice is heard
  • We celebrate the individual and the collective
  • We learn and grow together as a community
  • We believe in infinite possibilities
  • We learn and play in nature
  • We take responsibility for our shared future
  • We see mistakes as a stepping stone to success
  • We believe that education is the shared responsibility the Green House, home and community

We need to raise more than £24,300 to expand so that we can make a difference to even more children and their families with our ground-breaking educational approach. The Greenhouse is a not for profit organisation and needs your help to make this happen.

  • A donation of £10 could buy percussion instruments for the new children to use in their regular music sessions
  • A donation of £20 could buy additional paints, crayons and other art materials which new the children will need
  • A donation of £50 could buy a sink which the children would use for hand washing and water play.
  • If 8 people gave a donation of £100 we could buy a much needed storage shed so equipment could be safely stored
  • A donation of £500 could enable us to buy a wood burner to keep the children warm and cosy in the winter months
  • A donation of £1,000 could help us to build a wooden base for a new geodesic dome where children can learn, play and do yoga
  • A donation of £6,700 would pay for a new geodesic dome which is crucial for the project to expand.

Thank you so much for you're support.

Every donation will help us to bring this new style of education to more children and broaden our impact. Please consider contributing and join us as we rethink education both today and for the future of our children

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