Help build the Perth to Esperance Electric Vehicle Highway!

By The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc.

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Why are we doing this?

The electric vehicle (EV) transition is already underway.   EVs are quiet, clean and fun to drive, and produce no greenhouse gas emissions when powered by renewable electricity.  As Western Australia’s electricity grid gets cleaner, so too will our road trips!

Despite this progress, rural Western Australia is missing out.  We need high powered EV charging infrastructure in the bush to make long road trips practical. Unfortunately, DC fast chargers are expensive and businesses can’t afford the high up-front cost. 

How you can help

So we are asking all EV drivers and enthusiasts to chip in and help link country Western Australia to the city by funding the Perth to Esperance Electric Highway! Not only will this unlock the potential of Esperance as a tourism destination for EV drivers and help all the local communities along the way, it makes it easier for country WA to make the switch to electric too!

Where your money goes

All donations will be used to purchase at least four 50 kW DC fast chargers at a cost of $35,000 each.  Up to $90,000 per site is being allocated for installation costs, all of which will be paid to local civil and electrical contractors in the Southern Wheatbelt.  If an installation ends up being cheaper, the remaining funds will simply go towards another charger in a nearby community.  If we smash our target, we will put even more chargers in even more towns!

We strongly encourage businesses in Brookton, Narrogin, Wagin, Corrigin, Lake Grace, Lake King, Hyden and Ravensthorpe to offer to host a charger and bring more visitors to your town!

What kind of chargers are they?

We plan on installing 50 kW DC fast chargers which will be able to add between 250 and 350 km of range for every hour spent charging.  Several manufacturers have an offering with fairly similar prices, but we will be looking for a manufacturer with an Australian support team who can arrange to repair a charger if it can't be fixed by the local electrician.  

Typically a charger has two kinds of lead - CHAdeMO for the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi EVs, and CCS2 for the Hyundai EVs and Tesla Model 3.  Only one vehicle can use the charger at a time.

The chargers will call for an 80 amp, three-phase connection.  In the best case, a business will have this spare capacity on their distribution board.  More likely, Western Power may need to do some network augmentation to ensure a local transformer isn't oversubscribed. In the worst case, a new transformer and CT meter will need to be installed if the supply is not up to the task.

What you get for donating

We're offering some pretty amazing perks to our donors 

$15,000 Institutional / Champion donor
Perfect for medium sized businesses and corporate donors! 

You get, FREE CHARGING FOREVER, branding of a charger, endless gratitude from the EV driving community, and the state of WA!

$5000 – Cobalt Donor 
This is ideal for businesses who want to host a charger.

You are a legend! You'll get a cool (cobalt blue) cloisonne key chain, your name on a plaque... oh, and FREE EV CHARGING FOREVER!

$1000 – Nickel Donor:
A cool (nickel green) cloisonne key chain, your name on a plaque and free charging for a yearStart planning that road trip!

$500 – Manganese Donor 
Your name on a (manganese pink) plaque at each charger thanking you and all other donors for committing to the future of mobility in WA.

$100 – Lithium Donor
We will personally thank you on our website!

Together we can help bring the EV future to rural Western Australia! 

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Team Members

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