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A little bit of context

In 1999 a group of dedicated musicians and music lovers took over a soon to be abandoned 160-year-old rural church and converted it into a very minimal theatre and concert hall. From donated labour and materials and cast off theatre drapery and seating an arts centre was born.

After 16 years of continuous operation, the Evergreen Theatre is a fixture on the Maritime musical touring scene beloved by artists and audiences alike for its marvellous acoustics, 115 seat intimacy and warm appreciative audiences.

But there’s a problem

The musical (and occasional theatrical) experience at the Evergreen is second to none because of perfect acoustics, arms-length intimacy and laid-back atmosphere. But certain basic amenities are lacking. The building has never had plumbing (making us reliant on a less-than-quaint blue plastic outdoor pot-a-potty in all seasons), there are no artist "green' or dressing rooms, and box office and canteen activities are cramped and often intrusive to the performance.

Audiences and artists keep coming, but these drawbacks are likely a disincentive to many.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Three years ago we embarked on an ambitious building project to remedy the above problems, buoyed on by seeming availability of government and corporate funding. After a very eventful series of successes, failures and redirections we have found ourselves ready to commence construction.

We have obtained more than three-quarters of the necessary funds and have filled in the shortfall with temporary loans to enable us to begin construction in May 2017.

You can join us

We know that we will need additional funding because of the reality of cost overruns and unseen problems once we begin work on our 170-year-old building.

We cannot afford to carry any debt as a non-profit performing art based organisation. But we will send you a charitable receipt for tax purposes!

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