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Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime industry world-wide.

There are nearly 46 million people enslaved in our world today and 2 million children will be sold into sex slavery this year alone. is proud to partner with PROJECT FUTURES to help put an end to this terrible crime.

Until 31 May 2018, will match, dollar for dollar, every donation made to PROJECT FUTURES through this page, up to a total of $20,000!

Why donate?

PROJECT FUTURES is an Australian charity that works to transform the lives of women and children affected by human trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation.

The Asia-Pacific region represents two thirds (30 million people) of the estimated 46 million people in modern slavery today and Cambodia is predicted to have the second highest proportion of its population enslaved, after North Korea - an estimated 256,800 people.

You can make a difference

Financial independence is one key factor linked with breaking the cycle of trafficking. However, for a woman with no education, support or access to start up funds, financial independence is a distant dream.

PROJECT FUTURES works with local partners to provide micro-finance to support financial independence for at-risk women in Cambodia.

For just $600, a woman (and subsequently her family) can be set up with a small business, breaking the cycle of trafficking and servitude.

This money covers:

  • Training, development and mentoring for 12-months to ensure business success.
  • Either purchase of a cart or 12-months rent of a shop to see the business set up.
  • Purchase of 1 month worth of resources to see the business start selling and generating an income, ensuring sustainability and living opportunities.
  • Purchase of all basic resources required to run the cart/shopfront (i.e. if running a fruit drink cart, this might include the purchase of a blender or if running a hair salon, it might include brushes, hairdryers, etc).

With financial independence comes choice. Comes the opportunity to create a life of possibility, safety and meeting of basic needs for themselves and their families.

Your donation will allow PROJECT FUTURES to significantly expand their microfinance project — changing many more lives and breaking the cycle of trafficking for generations to come. And will double your donation, doubling your impact.

Plus it's tax-deductible!

Donate now

Your donation through this page will be matched, dollar for dollar, by to support PROJECT FUTURES work, up to $20,000!

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