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The coronavirus pandemic poses a very real threat to the orangutans in Borneo, with sanctuaries struggling to keep running.

Most recent estimates indicate that around 15,000 Sumatran orangutans and 57,000 Bornean orangutans survive in the wild today, and recent estimates suggest a loss of between 3,000 and 5,000 orangutans every year.

There are numerous threats to the viability of the remaining wild orangutan population in Indonesia and Malaysia: deforestation, fires, poaching and the illegal pet trade. And now COVID-19 and its widespread impacts threatens to shut down the sanctuaries that are protecting them.

For these sanctuaries, income has been drastically reduced due to the closure of offices, visitor centres, accommodation, and research sites. At the same time, global panic-buying has created scarcity and drastic price increases for vital animal care goods and personal protection such as masks, hand sanitiser and gloves.

Without support, there are signifcant risks to protecting the orangutans in care, as well as the 440 staff members who continue to devote themselves to working for the sake of the orangutans.

You can help:

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia works to save orangutans by rescuing and rehabilitating them, with an ultimate goal of releasing them back to the forest where they will be safe from human development, poaching and farming. To date 468 orangutans have been released back to their homes in the wild.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia also provides long-term sanctuary care to orangutans that cannot be reintroduced to the wild. With over 450 orangutans currently in their centres and hundreds of employees working tirelessly to keep them protected, making sure the sanctuaries can stay open right now is vital to preserving the orangutan population in Indonesia.

That's why has committed to match, dollar for dollar, any donation made to Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia through Chuffed until 31 July, up to a total of $30,000!

Why Donate?

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia urgently needs more medical equipment and supplies to protect the orangutans in their care.

As their teams cannot completely eliminate contact with the orangutans — as they need daily food and care — Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia must focus on keeping their medical team, surrogate mothers, and technicians who work closely with orangutans in good health and in a safe working environment.

With your help, Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia can:

  • Continue to care for over 450 orangutans currently in their centres despite the increasing costs and loss of their usual income from visitor centres.
  • Provide the necessary equipment and support to staff to ensure their safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Continue paying staff who are unable to work due to sickness to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread throughout their sanctuaries.
  • Persist to protect orangutans from the threat of this potentially fatal disease and keep up the conservation of the critically endangered orangutan population, through the rehabilitation and release of rescued orangutans.

All donations up to $30,000 will be matched, dollar for dollar by until 31 July 2020.

Just click "Donate Now" at the top of the page, select an amount and follow the steps from there.

You can find out more about Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia's work at

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