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Total shares is proud to partner with Australia For Dolphins to stop one of the worst acts of animal cruelty in the world.

Until 30 November 2016, will match, dollar for dollar, every donation to Australia For Dolphins made on this page, up to a total of $15,000.

So donate now and have your impact doubled!

Why donate?

From September through to March every year, high-powered boats herd terrified pods of dolphins into a narrow cove in Taiji, Japan. Many dolphins drown or suffer from cardiac arrest in the harrowing chase. Once captured, "good looking" mothers are ripped from their babies and sold to aquariums. Their families left behind are brutally slaughtered with metal spears and sold as pet food. The water literally runs red with the blood of these innocent animals.

Will you help save dolphins from cruel death?

Australia for Dolphins (AFD) is tackling cruelty to dolphins on several key fronts. Your donation will help:

  • Expose the dolphin hunts in Japan. AFD will take over the largest eye-level digital billboard in Tokyo and blast real footage of the hunts for 15 seconds, 90 times per day to an estimated 10.5 million Japanese people.
  • Strengthen legal protection for dolphins . AFDs world-first legal action managed to knock the wind out of Japan s dolphin hunt(Sydney Morning Herald), by banning 62 aquariums from buying Taiji dolphins.
  • End illegal dolphin cruelty. AFD pressured authorities in the Solomon Islands to release an abused dolphin back into the wild from deplorable conditions in a chicken wire sea-cage.
  • Educate the public and influence key decision makers. AFDs national campaign in Australia resulted in a ground-breaking bill to ban cruel dolphin captivity.

Donate now and double your donation

The first $15,000 donated through this page will be matched, dollar for dollar, by to support AFD's work in Japan and launch the billboard campaign.

Every dollar raised beyond the initial $15,000 will help to keep the billboard running longer, reaching thousands more people.

Just select an amount on the right of this page, and follow the steps from there.

You can find out more about Australia For Dolphins at

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