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Literacy is freedom.

In the Indigenous communities of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of remote South Australia, some of the most marginalised children in our nation continue to be left behind when it comes to literacy and education.

That's why is partnering with The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) to help break the the cycle of illiteracy and disadvantage by giving Indigenous kids in the APY Lands the opportunity to write their own bright futures.

Until 31 July 2019, will match, dollar for dollar, every donation made to ALNF through this page, up to $25,000!

Why donate?

ALNF was founded in 1999 by Mary-Ruth Mendel and Kim Kelly, who are passionate about helping people around Australia gain literacy skills.

TV coverage of Mendel’s success as a speech pathologist with clients experiencing reading, writing and comprehension impairment led to an avalanche of phone calls – more than 3000! – from distraught parents and community members wanting to help children, staff and family who were struggling to read at even the most basic level.

Now ALNF runs nationwide programs that address a wide range of learning needs, with a particular focus on Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities.

The Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in remote South Australia struggle with challenges arising from entrenched disadvantage, which impact children’s ability to engage and succeed in education.

In some community areas, less than 20% of community members have completed Year 12, and children are starting school with significant vulnerabilities in language and literacy development.

You can make a difference

Literacy development is one of the most important indicators of future health, wellbeing and prosperity.

Individuals with high levels of literacy are associated with lower levels of drinking and smoking, as well as higher levels of good mental health, while vulnerability in literacy levels in an individual’s early years is a predictor of limited life opportunities in areas of education, work and access to health care.

ALNF’s flagship Early Language and Literacy Program is expressly designed to optimise the language and literacy outcomes of vulnerable children in their early years.

Through an accredited Certificate IV course, skill-building workshops, resources and mentoring, ALNF provides community members in the APY Lands with effective techniques and learning resources to teach their own children vital foundational language and literacy skills.

The Early Language and Literacy program is offered in both English and the local First Languages of Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara. In this way, ALNF empowers community members to work in their own languages, for their own communities’ needs and, in very practical terms, to support literacy learning in English and First Language.

A whole community approach to literacy development acknowledges the power of education across generations, the role of elders in educating the young, and the vital function that community plays in education and communication.

Donate Now

Your donation will help enhance children’s educational opportunities and serve as a tool of empowerment to improve the health, income and life outcomes of the APY Lands community as a whole.

Your donation through this page will be matched, dollar for dollar, by to support The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation up to $25,000!

For each $225 raised, a child will be provided with the support they need to succeed and thrive at school, and beyond.

Just click "Donate Now" at the top of the page, select an amount and follow the steps from there.

You can find out more about ALNF's work at

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