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Total shares is proud to partner with 1 Million Women to tackle climate change by empowering women as agents of change in their homes, workplaces and communities.

Until 30 September 2016, will match, dollar for dollar, every donation to 1 Million Women made on this page, up to a total of $15,000.

So donate now and have your impact doubled!

Why donate?

Did you know that if the entire world lived like we do in Australia, we'd need four planets to sustain us all?

How we live is essential to mitigating climate change – and that means the key to solving the climate crisis lies with every one of us.

1 Million Women is a mass movement of strong, inspirational women transforming society by taking practical action on climate change in their everyday lives.

They’re empowering and mobilising their 450,000-strong (and counting) community of women as agents of change in their homes, workplaces and communities, to live and promote a low-carbon lifestyle (and transition to a zero carbon lifestyle) – and they want your help to do it.

You can make a difference right now

How we live is key to solving the problem of climate change. That's why 1 Million Women is developing a phone app that helps users make small lifestyle changes for a big collective impact.

Encouraging women to become climate action activists, the app is a tool to cut carbon pollution through home energy savings and clean energy options, minimising food waste, reducing overconsumption, investing and divesting their own money wisely, sustainable fashion, low-impact travel and much more.

The (free to download) app is in development now, but 1 Million Women needs help to let millions of people know about it, and inspire them to start using it.

Your donation will help 1 Million Women to:

  • Assemble a group of high-profile, internationally connected ambassadors to promote the 1 Million Women message and app though social media;
  • Partner with women’s organisations globally to promote the app to their supporters; and
  • Translate the app into many languages to empower more women around the world to be agents of change in their own communities.

Donate now and double your donation

For the months of August and September, commits to match, dollar for dollar, any donation you make to 1 Million Women on this page – up to $15,000!

Just select an amount on the right of this page, and follow the steps from there.

You can find out more about 1 Million Women at

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