Epic Paddle for Men's Mental Health

By Adrian Gaskin

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A little bit of context

We all have Family and Friends that are affected by mental health issues, whether it's a permenant or temporary state.  Every year since losing a close friend, a group of transplant friends have gathered on the West Coast of Canada to celebrate a Legend we've lost and check in on eachother as our lives evolve and the journey continues.  

This year, we're reaching out...

This year, we thought, heck... let's create a wee adventure out of it and donate some coin to a Men's Mental Health charity.  We will be paddling/kayaking/camping July 20-21 through a patch of the Salish Sea waters, in the southern Gulf Islands of Canada.  6 kiwi fish in a big ol' Canadian pond.

Here's the issue...

The way we (& the Canadian Institute for Health Research) see it - social expectations about gender-appropriate reactions to depression have a significant influence on men's symptoms, coping strategies, and help-seeking behaviours. Until recently, men's experiences with depression have been largely overlooked by researchers and health care professionals. Although many men with depression and suicidal thoughts want help, pressure to conform to traditional masculine ideals can make reaching out difficult. Web-based tools such as the HeadsUpGuys website really help in destigmatizing men's experiences with depression and provide an anonymous way for men to get help.

You can help eh...

By donating to our wee paddle adventure, we'll donate all proceeds to the HeadsUpGuys website.  This website is a tool that stems from some of the leading research on Men's Health from University of British Columbia. https://HeadsUpGuys.org is a resource for supporting men in their fight against depression by providing tips, tools, information about professional services, and stories of success.

And here’s an amazing perk for supporting us that you can’t live without...

The largest donation will be given the authority to create a request for our team captain Action Gaskin to perform a stunt of some sort, film it, and send it to the donor.  

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Team Members

Adrian Gaskin

Ben Hall

Byron Searle

Cam Vlassoff-Gibbs

Chris Johnston

Tim Managh