Illuminating EnvironMENTAL Health: Aboriginal Mental Wellbeing

By AllGrid Energy & DICE

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A little bit of context

October is Mental Health Awareness Month.

95% of Aboriginal people in Australia have had their lives tainted in some way by suicide. In fact, Indigenous persons are six times more likely to commit suicide than non-Indigenous Australians, and twice as likely to experience high psychological distress. Mental health in Indigenous communities is undeniably an issue that demands attention and action. 

On top of this, native land transcends merely a place to live for Aboriginal people: they have a profound spiritual, mental and cultural connection to the land. Being able to live and thrive on their native soil is crucial for mental wellbeing.

Indigenous-owned renewable energy technology company, AllGrid Energy (AGE) and DICE Australia (Dedicated to Indigenous Community & Employment), are hosting a special fund-raising event featuring world-renowned environmental activist, David Suzuki along with several Indigenous leaders and climate champions, as well as launching a crowdfunding campaign with all proceeds going directly to our recipient. 

The Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health

Funds for this event are going to NSW based "Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health". CRRMH is dedicated to improving the lives and mental health of those living in rural and remote communities. They achieve this through education, service development, collaboration and achievements in research, and academic leadership. Their Rural Adversity Mental Health Program has already had tremendous success in remote communities in NSW. The centre are currently working with Aboriginal spokespersons and representatives to develop a program tailored specifically to Indigenous needs. The program acknowledges traditional treatment of mental health along with the challenges of living remotely, the importance of cultural heritage and connection to land, and other factors specific to Indigenous mental health. Funding from this event will go into the research and development of this program, which will not only improve mental wellbeing in NSW Indigenous communities, but those Australia wide.

Amongst conventional mental health problems Indigenous people living in remote commuties can experience excess issues through lack of access to communication or reliable energy, a loss of cultural identity, a traumatic history and discrimination. AGE and the DICE group of companies are dedicated to alleviating energy poverty and improving living conditions in remote communities. Our work in the Barkly Tablelands has already seen several communities reinhabited and brought back to life with considerably higher mental and physical living standards.

You can join us

Tickets for the event are available and we'd love you to be a part of it. Tickets can be purchased here. The cost of the event is covered by corporate sponsors so proceeds from ticket sales can go directly to the centre's research.

We realise many people cannot make it to the event, but this is still a crucial and pressing issue so we welcome and greatly appreeciate support through donations. All donations made through Chuffed go directly to The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health.

As a special thank-you for donating

$5 or more: AllGrid Energy will feature a blog post listing donors on their website

$500 or more: We'd love to conduct an interview with you so we can feature your work and what motivates you to support Indigenous mental wellbeing on our website and blog

$1,000 or more: All of the above plus we will thank you specifically at our event

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