Solar for Engadine Flexicare

By Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc

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More and more Sutherland Shire families are relying on day care so parents can work or meet important or unforeseen appointments. But day care is becoming more expensive and unaffordable for some Shire families.

At Engadine Flexicare & Education we have been providing accessible, low-cost flexible day care to the Engadine Community for 25 years. Rising electricity costs impact us as much as they do Shire families, making our budget increasingly tight.

We are partnering with Sunny Shire and CORENA to fund a 5kW solar electricity system to reduce our power bills. This system will last up to 25 years and reduce our electricity bills by around $1,500 per year.

That’s over $30,000 of savings which we can be put towards better funded care, equipment & toys, helping limit future fee increases and providing better conditions for staff and kids.

All donations are tax deductible.

How it works

We are targeting to fund 20% of the solar system by donations through this campaign, with the rest coming from the CORENA revolving fund.

CORENA will use the donated funds to provide Engadine Flexicare with an interest-free loan so that we can pay for our solar system immediately. Engadine Flexicare will repay the loan over 4 – 5 years out of our savings on power bills, but own the solar system for its lifetime. Energy cost savings will be greater than the loan repayments, saving us money from day 1, with maximum savings once the loan is fully paid off.

As we repay our loan, that money will fund solar on more community buildings around Australia. Maybe for another Sutherland Shire community organisation?

Trusted local solar company, AG Solar, based in Greenhills, have designed and will install the system. AG Solar have installed 44 high quality solar systems for the Sutherland Shire community as part of Sunny Shire’s community solar bulk-buy.

Our target

We are aiming to raise 20% of the funds locally in this 3 week crowd funding campaign, so our target is $1,163. All money raised via this campiagn on will go into the CORENA revolving fund to fund this project and future projects.

Stretch Targets

If the local support and crowd funding exceeds our expectations early in the crowd funding campaign, we may look to raise a higher % of the solar system cost. This would see us update the target amount, from $1,163 to a higher amount.

By raising the crowd funding target, we could achieve the following benefits:

- Bring forward the fund raising and complete the solar sytem sooner

- See more funds go into the CORENA revolving loan fund, to fund more community solar projects in the future

About Engadine Flexicare & Education Centre

Engadine Flexicare & Education Centre is based in Calderra Avenue, Engadine, close to the town centre and train station. It is a Not-for-Profit organisation, funded by fees paid by families that use the Centre and its own fundraising efforts. Sutherland Shire Council owns the building and provides it for use by the community-based Flexicare and Education operations.


Incorporated in April 2013, CORENA is a volunteer run not-for-profit group with nation-wide membership. CORENA provides interest-free loans to pay for solar installations and energy efficiency measures to enable non-profit community organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. Their unique revolving funding model means that anything you donate to one of their projects will be used over and over again in subsequent projects. Their interest free loans have already funded 20 installations for community organisations around Australia. More info:

About Sunny Shire

Sunny Shire is a Sutherland Shire based Community Energy Group promoting the use of solar, batteries, electric vehicles and energy efficiency technology for the community to reduce electricity costs and improve self reliance. It is a volunteer based not-for-profit sub-campaign of the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre. Sunny Shire was established in May 2017, and so far has helped 72 Sutherland Shire families get 460kW of rooftop solar through its community solar bulk buy. More info:

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Team Members

Margaret Hender

Briony O'Shea

Jonathan Prendergast