Energy & Resources Forum 2020 - Fundraising

By Zero Emission Group

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Energy & Ressources Forum 2020 Online

Reshaping Innovation under Global Constraints

By Zero Emission Group

What is it ?

The one-day conference has the goal of bringing together key stakeholders from science, business and policy to envision a sustainable energy future within the resource boundaries of our planet. Facing current global crisis, our engineers have developed a tailor-made online platform to ensure dynamic exchanges during the whole day. It will stream live debates, provide access to interactive workshops and even networking rooms – everything for free.

Our program

The conference will start at 10:15 (CEST) and finish at 17:30 (CEST). It will be composed of panel sessions and workshops:

  • Ecosystem services – Panel session (10:30)
  • Electric mobility – Workshop (10:30)
  • Global digitalization – Panel session (14:00)
  • Renewable grids – Workshop (14:00)
  • Building sector – Panel session (15:30)
  • Nuclear energy – Workshop (15:30)

Networking sessions will also be held at noon and after the closing plenary for participants interested in seizing more opportunities.

The forum is free for participants... but not to organize

You can support us by making a donation based on our own judgement, every donation counts. Thank you very much.


The core motivation of our event is to bring together stakeholders from complementary fields. Transdisciplinarity is key to shape an accurate vision of the future in a global environmental context, thus promoting smart and adapted innovation.

Visit our web platform to learn more or register !

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Team Members

Zero Emission Group

Adrien Legrain

Dominik Blaser

Eric Bolliger

Louis Rouquette