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By now most people have heard of the horrific fires that have decimated Australia. We have lost at least 25 people, more than a billion wild animals, thousands of domestic animals, and entire ecosystems the size of European countries.

With so much land destroyed, wildlife that has survived the fires have been left without food, water or a safe place to shelter. Thousands have been rescued by locals, as well trained wildlife rescuers. Wildlife carers have been inundated across the country, and desperately need equipment, food, water and medical supplies to continue their efforts in rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife survivors.

One group of animals that are in desperate need of immediate help are Australia’s bats, including the endangered Grey-headed Flying Foxes. Heat waves over the last 2 years have seen tens of thousands of bats dropping dead, literally boiling to death. Entire colonies have been almost wiped out, and those left standing have suffered further with the horrific fires. Bats are one of the world’s most important pollinators- spreading seeds and pollen across vast distances every night. They are as important as bees, and without them, entire ecosystems could perish. Between heatwaves, fires, habitat destruction and culling- Australia’s bats desperately need our help- NOW!

End Extinction International is a conservation education platform aimed at raising awareness and action for conservation efforts around the world. EEI is based in Australia, and as such desperately wants to help in any way we can.

We are asking our amazing community to support Australia.

We aim to raise AUD$15,000 for Australia’s bats. The funding will be donated equally to three incredible organisations working hard to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many bats as possible. The people that make up these organisations have been working day and night for months, checking colonies, hosing them down during the intense heatwaves, providing food where food sources have become scarce or completely disappeared due to fires and deforestation, taking home survivors by the thousands and raising them- all with minimal support or funding.

The organisations we will donate the funds to are:

  • Sydney Bats (Ku Ring Gai Bat Conservation Society)
  • Fly By Night Bat Clinic Melbourne
  • Hunter Wildlife Rescue

We are so grateful to everyone who donates- no matter how much. Every cent will help save our beautiful bats from extinction.

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