End Deportations Charter Flight Action - Trial Related Costs

By End Deportations

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In 2017 15 people stopped a mass deportation charter flight, which was deporting people who feared for their lives.

UPDATE: The jury have just returned a guilty verdict.

We will be appealing this decision, but that will extend the length and impact of the trial further still.

We are hugely grateful for any support you can give to helping us continue the fight. 


So far the money raised has been invaluable, helping to provide basic living costs, lunch each day, and cover costs for another solidarity demo which gave a huge boost to the defendants at a crucial point in the trial.

The target has now been increased as the trial goes into it's 7th week, to continue this support and to reflect the things which are now most needed at this stage of the campaign - especially, for example, by paying for an extra accommodation space which would allow some of the defendants and their supporters more space to stay and unwind and gather themselves after each gruelling day, and to take some pressure of some of the amazing host families who are already doing so much. This will be a great help for not only the defendants but their close family and friends who are working equally hard on this case in many ways.

We are massively appreciative of every donation so far, and ask you to please share this far and wide, to spread the support to the end of this arduous process! 

--- THANK YOU! ---

Don't forget the campaign needs funds too! 


This autumn, 15 people who stopped a mass deportation charter flight in March 2017 will be tried under a terror-related charge at Chelmsford Crown Court, in an 8 week trial. The original trial, in March, was adjourned midway, which depleted our financial resources... We are now depending on you, our individual supporters!

Please give whatever you can afford to help to cover the costs associated with moving our defendants, our casework, media, outreach and legal teams to Chelmsford for 6 weeks. Your donations will help provide food and accommodation for defendants as well as supporters with experience of deportation and detention from across the UK. Your donations will help defendants to meet their living costs (they won't be able to work during the trial to cover their usual rent) and so help minimise lasting housing issues resulting from the trial.

During the action, 15 people used tripods and lock-ons to stop the plane from taking off, and successfully halted the flight on the night of 28th March 2017. The flight was rescheduled and left some days later, but with fewer people being deported on board. This meant that people booked on the flight had a little longer to find legal support, the voices of the people booked on these flights have reached a wider audience, and we hope this action offered people facing deportation a chink of hope in the face of a deeply unjust system. Mass deportation Charter flights are racist, inhumane and cruel. They put lives at risk and tear families apart and END DEPORTATIONS was compelled to take direct action against this.

Join us in approaching the delayed trial as an important opportunity to extend the popular outrage over the Windrush Scandal into an exposee on the ongoing brutalities of charter flight mass deportation. The Stansted Trial will bring more of the truth about the Home Office's racist policies to public attention and help us move towards a future where these policies and the violence they impose are a thing of the past.

You can read testimonies of people who were on the flight which were received through the Detained Voices blog, and read more about charter flights here There's a short video about them here, and about the action here. 

We'd really appreciate your help to meet the expenses incurred during this trial, but... The action was part of a wider campaign by End Deportations, a voluntary collective campaigning to end mass deportations by charter flight, as a necessary step towards ending all deportations. Please consider matching your donation, or giving what you can for the longer term costs of the campaign as a whole. You can do that at https://chuffed.org/project/end-deportations-campaign-costs

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