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Please help cover the general costs associtated with the longer term campaign.

This will include funding the new casework group which recently trained 30 people to form a new task-force of psupporting people targeted for deportation by charter flight, helping them to take control of their immigration/asylum cases, access lawyers and independent healthcare, and get released as quickly as possible.

A little bit of context

The government claims that charter flights are only used when there are enough people who have already been refused permission to stay in the UK and had the chance to exercise any appeal rights. But it often works the other way round - charter flights are booked, seats need to be filled and communities from whichever country the plane is going to are targeted in immigration raids, detained, and then shuttled onto charter flights.

We are targeting these flights because of their calculated cruelty, the difficulty resisting them as an individual deportee, and the violent and racist tactics used to carry them out in secrecy, in the middle of the night.

We believe this is a winnable campaign goal, and a step towards ending all deportations.

Direct Action

Last March during a targeted piece of direct action, 15 people used tripods and lock-ons to stop a charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana from taking off, and successfully halted the flight on the night of 28th March.

Mass deportation Charter flights are racist, inhumane and cruel. They put lives at risk and tear families apart and END DEPORTATIONS was compelled to take direct action against this. We hope that in the upcoming trial some of the truth about the Home Office's racist policies will come to public attention and that this might help to make steps to a future where these policies and the violence they impose are a thing of the past.

There's a short video about them here, and about the action here .

Please visit facebook.com/EDeportations for more info.

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